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    Capture the flag and other fun stuff..... anyone interested

    Hiya all,

    It's been a while since FF has had any sort of planned moors event like back in the day (I think it was a Thursday right?)... Anyway, I want to see if there would be interest in having a RVR (Raid Versus Raid) date/time setup to play a game of "capture the flag", or "dog pile" or even just a good old fashioned brawl.

    Capture the flag is straight forward enough. Both sides have a one relic, and equal (or as close as possible to equal) number of players/classes in their groups. A timer is set and a call out made in OOC and/or ventrillo and the object of the game is #1, protect your own relic from being taken/delivered and #2, capture your opponents relic. First team to succeed before the timer runs out is declared the winner.

    Stakes for winning/loosing can be anything you want.

    There's lots of other PVP games we could play if this one isn't your cup of tea, so spread the word, make some suggestions and include what days/times would be best, and if there's enough interest we can try and put something together!!

    Take care!

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    175 views and no interest

    Well..... with 0/175 replies as of today (Nov 22) I'd say it's pretty clear that any remaining interest in Moors fun and games is at an all time low. Maybe it's the new content (cough.... gag.... at the thought of that being the case) or the new class release, or lack of population on the server, or ?????? who knows. The bottom line is that it's pretty clear few are interested in PVP on this server right now, so I'll close saying Happy Thanksgiving to all and maybe I'll give it another shot after the new year.

    My best to all the folks of Firefoot!




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