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    The Fire and Water Festival 2014 Recap

    Saturday the 4th of October somewhere deeply hidden within the Shire the first Edition of the Fire and Water Festival started. The first activity started at night so you can imagine we had quite some complaints from neighboring hobbits saying we were a bunch of troublemakers. Nevertheless aside from the occasional hobbit-complaint we started our event with an old-fashioned fishing-contest. As seen on the pictures below not all hobbits complained and just couldn’t resist aiming for the title of ‘Master of Weeds’ or ‘Master Fisher’.

    Time sure flew by as by the time the fishing ended it was morning and Phatnoob emerged as Master fisher. Though don’t forget we also had a Master of Weeds. The honor of this title went to Vanderfield.
    Once the fishing was rounded up we decided on having a short break for one of our many hobbit-meals. A hobbit can’t organize a feast on an empty stomach after all.

    Once rested up we commenced with our second event. An event passed down through the generations, an old-fashioned drinking-contest. As seen on the picture below not many had the strong will to keep on drinking for all that long.

    In the end Sparkleberry won the contest. Sadly enough for us judges he emptied all our kegs before stopping. On the bright sight of things we were lucky to have DisEnchanted whom used their magical tunes to revitalize those that were part of the collateral damage caused by all the ale.

    After people sobered up a little bit it was time to go search for some of our escaped chicken. Thankfully Pirandella was a master-tracker and brought our beloved chicken back to us. Out of respect for the chicken and to prevent the Hobnanigans Leagues from finding ours we won’t be sharing pictures of this hunt.

    As our final contest we had something many fashionistas had been waiting for, our Fashion Show. Throughout the show we saw many beautiful outfits but sadly we could only have one winner per category. The winner of the most gorgeous budget-friendly outfit is Lilikate. The prize for the best overall outfit went to Evendra. Sadly though by the time of this event we realized it wasn’t Sparkleberry who emptied all are kegs but our photographer did…

    To relax after quite a busy event all were welcomed for a concert and fireworks. Our special guests of the evening were the members of the DisEnchanted-band who agreed to perform at the concert. Many hobbitses, elves, Men and dwarves left and right said the same thing, we were truly blessed by the performance of an amazing band. So once again thanks DisEnchanted for an amazing finisher of the festival, it was truly a moment to remember. For those interested here are some pictures our photographer took after sobering up.

    At the end of the day we could look back at a nice first edition of The Fire and Water Festival. Now it’s just a matter of building on this foundation and who knows what may happen. Either way I’d like to thank all those who helped us create this festival. It took a giant leap of faith but we did it.

    For those interested in a list of all the winners at the festival look below:

    Master fisher: Phatnoob
    Master of Weeds: Vanderfield
    Drinking-champion: Sparkleberry
    Chicken-hunter: Pirandella
    Best budget-friendly outfit: Lilikate
    Best overall outfit: Evendra
    Lottery winners: Crengdemog, Mimwing, Laurerandir, Saeldrin, Haldbarad, Denpijl, Aconia, Dairuin, Hiliard, Skyland

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    Was brilliant fun, thank you to all for taking part. Looking forward to next year
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