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Thread: Nost Mellyn

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    Nost Mellyn are recruiting

    Hey Eldar,

    As the title says Nost Mellyn are recruiting,

    It's been a while since we have properly played lotro and this time around we intend to stay. A lot of our old players have moved on to different things and only a couple of the old heads remain, so as a result we have decided to open our doors to some new people.

    Slightly different this time round, we are looking for people who perhaps don't have as much time to play but still want to achieve something in the game (however that continues to progress). So parents, career or just generally busy people we are looking for you. Not being on all the time is not a problem, we're not going to be on all the time and so there won't be an expectancy for you to be.

    What we will try to achieve is being super organised and putting events/runs/raids in the diary and for people to commit to them as best they can.

    The aim is for a no pressure environment where we will try to build a community of like minded people who like to hang out and help each other and if you have to disappear because your little one has woken up, got work in the morning or whatever else life throws at you then no worries at all, we get it!

    If you're a new player or a long time solo player and have maybe been a bit reluctant to join a kin then I think we could be a nice place for you to join.

    Age is of no importance but maturity is.

    We have all the standard things like TS3, forums etc etc

    If you're interested please feel free to pm me in game on Utherkai/Illithania or reply here.


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    Welcome back.
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    Good luck with rebuilding Uth, NM has always been a good kin both socially and performance wise.
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    Thanks Elle it's nice to be back and thanks for the kind words Crank, there's always a place for you here!

    Managed to get a couple of really nice new members so recruitment is going well so far!





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