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    R.I.P to my friend and awesome sauce buddy Jerriel

    It's been a while since I played LOTRO but it is with a sad heart that I put this tribute here for my very good friend whom a lot of you may remember, Jerriel the hunter / Tobasco the BA. Jerr has passed on and left this mortal coil.

    I have so many fond memories of her for many years I played with alongside her on LOTRO on PvE then onto PvP. She was a character as much in real life that she was LOTRO. I will miss her dearly and always remember her. My thoughts are with her family and friends and particularly her brother Frank.

    Jerr, i'm sure your rocking it up there making awesome sauce with the greats. Love and peace babe!!

    Yours always.

    Rank 12 Warleader, Flaprat Rank 11 Reaver, various other ones i'm useless at...

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    Very sorry to hear about your buddys passing Feic.
    Skulkins Lumpytoad Dirkens


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    It saddens me to hear this news, we had some great fights.

    My thoughts are with her friends and family.


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    Philadelphia, Pa
    Very shocking and sad news, I am sorry to hear this. I saw her BA a ton while fighting both sides, one of the few creeps left playing on Firefoot. May she rest in peace and her spirit live on <3 <3 <3


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    1) SS or it didn't happen.

    2) Kb credit go to natural causes, homicide, or general lack of personal care?

    3) It's k...BA was terrible anyway.

    4) Lolrekt

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    My condolences. She was fun to play with on creepside ....you will be missed ....
    THE COMMANDER. .......

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    you have no idea how bad this hurts me :/
    I remember everytime I killed her or vice versa she'd jump in my vent to give me hell.
    That was my NY Jalapeño ..

    Flap I know you're overseas but if you have some info on her burial site let me know man I wanna send some flowers down south for her.

    Deyviboi@yahoo.com is the email

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    I don't know anyone here, but seeing these threads are always very sad;

    RIP Jerriel

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    I am so sorry to hear this. I have not been on FF for a while as seems everyone Moved to Brandy. Tabasco was for sure one of those char not easy to forget, be it by her personal tells, hopping in vent with that accent, or just a permanent fixture in the FF Landscape . I know that she was a good friend to you Fiec and my thoughts are with you and her family. She will be remembered and missed!!

    Love always ,

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    RIP She will be missed

    Gone but never forgotten.


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    WPB FL
    so sorry to hear this. She will be missed ALOT. was always a good player and helped my WL Kradum out alot.

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    Hey feic, I've been putting this off for a long time but I feel I owe it to ya both.
    I remember when we all started creeping, it was all around the same time, Adansmash, Cosmic/Madbash, Feic, and Ouchiewawa (Jerr's puppy) Sega eht fo ohce's original 4 creepers!

    God we were horrible. worst creeps 2k11, but we had a hell of a time playing together.
    We went from a bunch of greenies, to having multiple ranked creeps each. still miss madbash, she thought we quit and quit herself, haven't heard from her since so quick shout out to her

    Now jerr's gone too, and I feel like an ### for not playing with you guys more the past year or so.

    Jerr I remember 3 things about you.

    #1. you always told me to put my superman underwear on cause I was here to "save the day" <-- I can't make #### like that up (hannah actually bought me superman pajama's because of it)

    #2 if someone made you mad, you'd tell them that you would "dip your finger in tobasco sauce, and poke them in the eye"

    #3 remind me that this is a game, and people have feelings. this was important to me because I'd often get caught up in pvp and lose my filter. She was the kind of person that would ##### ayone out including our old kin leader kayred, if they lost their cool and started saying hurtful things. Flat out awesome sauce woman

    #bonus: she owned a strip club

    Rip, from your once 2nd hubby twice divorced, replaced by jahti yada yada I lost track, smartass friend Adan

    And Feic, miss ya bud, I know you're hurt by this the most but wanted to let ya know I care about you still. And yes, I know you got jealous I was giving her puppy IP when we first met. she told me and cosmic :P if only I could remember the way she said it, it was hilarious

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    My condolences ,Prayers to the family to get through this terrible time.

    Poisontipped-BA, Iamyourhuckleberry-Warg



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