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    PvMP Tuesday 23rd September

    So many people recommended making an PvMP event in trying to revitalise and refresh the PvMP on Imladris.
    I've spoken to many freeps already and have quite a bit of interest. To make the day succesful and fun, I'd hope many people will choose to form balanced groups(mixture in high and low ranks) and not heal stack. Another key point I'd like to state is this event will not be for the normal PvMP players, It'd be great if new players would attempt to join in and help the server expand and create a more diverse PvMP crowd. I'll be playing my creep on the day and will be more than happy to group with low ranks.

    A rough timing for the event to start will be 3pm EST, and It will carry till the action dies away.. When it get's to this stage I'll hope the few players left remaining will form a 1v1 circle at G-Grimwood and play with good intentions.

    I can't promise the turnout will be great, but by turning up you can determine the future of the server. To promote the event post below, whether you will be there or not.

    Play hard, fight fair.

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    have my orale examen this day and traveling back to my "home" city afterwards. if the german trains are on time, what i highly doubt , i should arrive around 3pm EST at home. so count me in.

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    I'll be home from work around 2:30 EST so you can definitely count me in

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    i'll be there

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    ratofwar ~ tryhaeder r8 ba, lilrat r7 reaver, funnymoney r7 defiler imladris
    and on brandywine ~ damyou r13 war-leader

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    Of course !!!

    U can count on me buddy

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    I will be able to get on around that time.

    Looks like the creep side will have a group started so i will be Freep side to help out.

    Hope to see some new and old faces out
    -=)Hellsweb Rank 12 Weaver(=- Mutilation Rank 7 Champion
    -=)Founder of Black Lotus of Imladris(=-

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    *sadface* I had to work late and missed almost the first hour but I got in a good 45 minutes of some keep fights (yay lag!) but was thrilled to see so many faces on both sides. Ningannel even made an appearance

    Thanks everyone for coming out, and thank you so much to Parm for arranging this! Lets' keep it up! Long live Imladris <3

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    Next Time

    If an event is scheduled on the weekends or, starting next week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I can certainly show up on my champ, Cobie, as my Warderp is no longer on Imla.

    Could go on my warg as well but not too fond of it.
    Achaius - R13 Warden; Ilrohil - R8 Champion; Ritthir - R6 Captain; Bradai - R4 Burglar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ondarthos View Post
    Ningannel even made an appearance
    WHAT??? WHAAAAAAAAAT??? youre trolling me, right?

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    I'm totally not. Apparantly it was the most terrifying thing Ning ever did. Nightmare inducing.



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