Okay, these puzzle me.

#1: Warsteed Top Speed
My toons (it happens to more than one of them), primarily my Rune-keeper (lvl 100), experience multiple top speeds on the war-steed. Sometimes it's as low as 12.2, other times it hits what I expect it to be at 15, sometimes it's somewhere in between. I'm fully tapped into "fourth gear" with the steed but rarely get that highest speed of 15.

Anyone have any ideas why this might be? Because that's a significant difference in my warsteed's speed, I'd really like to get it resolved.

#2: Variable LM Pet
My lvl 100 LM has had a glitch ever since the Wolf mounted combat pet came out. I duly summoned my wolf, named him, ran around with him. At a later session in game, I noted that my wolf no longer had a name so I named him again but this time I used a different name.

So now, my LM summons her mounted combat wolf and he will appear with either of these two names: Anklebiter or LonChaney.

This doesn't seem to affect combat so I'm not going to beg for correction.

Because I'm having these problems across multiple sessions and across multiple toons with the warsteed speed, as well as because I've seen some things that just didn't seem to be behaving quite right in multiple skills, I'm worried. I don't know how likely it is but I'm concerned that perhaps my installation of LOTRO has become corrupt?

Any insights or suggestions appreciated. Thanks for your attention.

[NOTE: I haven't bugged this yet. First, the bug reporting tool was also bugged for a long time for me. Second, I'm hoping that the wisdom of folks contributing to this thread might at least help me give a better bug report to Turbine.]