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    Festivals - Please stop with the robes

    As a leader of one of the many wonderful musical bands we find here on LoTRo, cosmetics are pretty high on the list of things I look for as a reason to grind those festival quests over and over and If I like the festival cosmetics I am only interested in acquiring the full set (clothing/steed/caparison etc).

    But if just one of those things I don't like - then I don't want the set. Period.

    While robes aren't necessarily a bad thing as there are a few nice ones out there, when you see them as the cosmetics reward for every, single, festival... - well let's just say that got old for me about a year ago and I started to really not like robes. Which means I don't like the entire cosmetic set, which means I rarely bother to grind a festival, choosing instead to have my band perform at the festivals for those who do decide to grind it.

    Every festival people say here on the forum that they are fed up with robes, yet every festival they churn out another... Do the devs/designers really have such little imagination that they cannot go beyond the confines of what amounts to just putting a new skin on the same tired old model over and over?

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    Hear hear!

    The robes are hideous. In my time playing this game I think I have found about 3 robes I liked. The rest are not attractive, simply because no matter what you do with the color/pattern, the shape of the garment is extremely unflattering.

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    From past experience, and the last several festivals, I can say sitting here and complaining hasn't done us much good. I've started a thread in the Suggestions sub-forum brainstorming ideas to get away from the reskinned robes (and associated blanket steeds). If you've got ideas, let's get them on the table. The Suggestions forums are watched, presumably, far more often than the Cosmetics & Appearance ones.

    For your convenience, here's the thread link: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-rewards-theme

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    I don't think I have ever bought a robe on any char from any festival. Ever.
    I'd be super curious though to see any % of robes sold during the festivals lol
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    A more inclusive variety

    My main character wears robes, and robes exclusively. I like them just fine, and I'm happy the festivals keep offering them.

    So don't stop with the robes.

    Instead, please start offering MORE festival cosmetic variety, in addition to robes. Not replacing them, but in addition. Let folks choose what they like and barter for it, by offering multiple cosmetic options with the same design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herwegur View Post
    Instead, please start offering MORE festival cosmetic variety, in addition to robes. Not replacing them, but in addition. Let folks choose what they like and barter for it, by offering multiple cosmetic options with the same design.
    THIS. Even literally bringing back older nice stuff would be better than *only* offering yet another reskinned robe (I say that as someone who's only been in the game for a year - so I missed out on anything older than a couple years ago, and it's been the previous years' cosmetics, whatever's available, that I've been grinding for at each festival, because that's the nice & interesting stuff).
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    Just some dresses...please. I'm not asking for much.

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    Only my LM is happy with robes, since she loves reading books all day. The robes are pretty comfy. But my mini and RK prefer a dress. And dresses seem to be in less supply

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    I hope they keep making robes, I like them but then I like the blankets on the horses too so maybe that doesn't say a lot.

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    Hate the robes-Do not buy them nor wear any I get through quests.

    Blanket Horses-They are ugly do not bother with the festivals any more.
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    I like some of the robes myself but they could at least make a better variety of cosmetics. The robes are getting old real fast.

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    Best news since 2012: The Robe is not another robe!!

    Yule Festival preview from Bullroarer

    Robe of Winter Winds

    Winter Winds Caparison

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    Those are good quality clothes that are worth collecting! At last the bad clothes curse has been broken!
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    Male characters get the longer robe. Same as with the RoI version of this model.


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    Thank you Turbine for giving me a reason to do the festivals. I absolutely hated the mounts and robes of the previous iterations, but I absolutely love the current rewards! Sincere thank you to the team!

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    I was looking forward to the Robe of Winter Winds as well until I saw what it looks like on a male character! Why can't we have the shorter robe for men as well? Why do male characters all have to look like Lore Masters?



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