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    Thumbs down Gondor Warbands should be fixed...

    The Gondor Warbands are extremely weaks (so not fun) and it would be fine if they could drop rare items like West Rohan Warbands (cloaks, rings, ...)

    For example :
    - I've been recently killed by "Cledwun", a 90 Fellowship Warband in West Rohan (even if I was in DPS with low defensive stats and I played bad),
    receiving some ~4K critical hits, which is correct for a 6-mans Warband, even 10 levels below.
    - I had done on foot "Corugwen the Cunning" 2 weeks ago, the only Gondor Raid Warband (98), and I nearly don't lose 1 pt of morale

    How is it possible that a 98 12-mans Warband is infinitely easier than a 90 6-mans Warband ?
    (except one is mounted but the difference is too huge)
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    >> How is it possible that a 98 12-mans Warband is infinitely easier than a 90 6-mans Warband ?

    Cledwun is a bad example to use as he's one of the hardest warbands in the entire game, the mounted archers 'shred' single players before they can be targeted and killed. At the time Helms Deep was released it was asked why Cledwun was drastically harder than the raid sized warband Bosnauk and his Roving Trolls who could be handled solo with ease.

    The problem is mounted combat has largely been allowed so slide, horse combat skills have not developed along side players abilitys over the twenty five levels since they were introduced. Many people now dismount and fight on foot as it's faster to kill mobs that way, than from horse back.

    So how would you suggest making warbands harder?

    Adding more moral, just makes the fights drag out even longer, fifteen minutes circling a million moral mob isn't fun.

    Increasing there damage doesn't work either. The problem is not the amount of damage, its that warbands very rarely get to actually hit the circling players. The only attacks that are dangerous are ranged archers who can't be avoided.

    More of the special attacks like dismount or force into melee range might work, but they tend to be 'instant deaths' for the targeted players. To make warbands truely group content, individual class need to have the counters to special attacks. For example an archery shield bubble, not long enough to protect a single player, but co-ordinated between several players in a group, allows constant coverage.

    Finally if warband difficulty in Western Gondor was increased, an alternative way of earning Amroth Silver Pieces would have to be introduced.

    To gate all reasonable ways to earn them behind group content would not be fair to those without the resources of friends and kin to assemble a fellowship on the fly.

    And that is one of the problems, you can assemble a group and go out and sweep the entire region, but many people like to just engage a single warband in the wild as they encounter it.. Drawing in a half dozen friends from all over middle earth is a huge undertaking for a single warband.

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    The only way to make raid warbands that aren't mounted/ranged more challenging is having them oneshot (instant-death effect) with every hit they do, and even than it'd be possible or even easy to solo them, and that oneshot will just punish you for lagging out for a second.

    Just the way mounted combat works makes that the standard difficulty tricks (more morale/damage) just don't work.

    Cledwun is a mounted warband with ranged mounted adds that use slows. So that warband has mechanics that ensure they can actually hit players, which makes it much harder than not getting hit at all of course.

    But even with those mechanics, with the current MC system, you can't make a true raid warband. Most warbands can be completed in a 3man even if they are set to be really hard. I think actual raid content with mounted combat needs to be instanced, so things like large-scale positioning can matter. Having a raid scatter over an entire zone to make sure some mobs don't reach a certain spot etc.

    For some more interesting content, there are also some more abilities needed for classes in mounted combat:
    - Corruption Removal
    - Interrupts
    - Effect removal

    And of course DPS and healing skills need some reconsidering on base skills since the foot-traits no longer work.

    Once that is possible, there can be things like corruptions that on expiration, kills everyone's steed within 25m range. Inductions that put a +200% incoming damage debuff on you. Mobs putting poisons on you that oneshot on expiration. Mobs should also have the ability to re-mount just like players (which can also be interrupted).
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