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    Eaves of Fangorn Map missing from the Game

    I already posted this once in the General Forum, but since the Test-Server is open again, I guess it is more likely to be taken care of during testingphase on Bullroarer. So here is the original thread:

    As the title says, the map of the Eaves of Fangorn is missing. When you hit the map button ingame while in the zone, the map of the East Wall comes up. Even if you try to select the Eaves of Fangorn map by hand, it still shows the East Wall. I hope this gets fixed soon. I am playing on the german client, so maybe it is a problem only on the german client, but i doubt that. I am playing through the zone at the moment and it is very annoying and not easy to navigate.

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    This is not exclusive to the German client. I've submitted a bug report for the same issue on Withywindle, an EU server. I can check later on Meneldor to see if it's on the NA servers as well.
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    Lol -- it's really confused... the map is wrong, but the over lay (points of interest, etc) is correct.

    Bugging it on Bullroarer.
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