Here are the details:

"Strategic Hobbit Incursion to Evacuate Lost Dwarves - OFFICIAL SCHEDULE AND INFO

Twenty Nine Dwarves - Twenty Nine Servers - A whole lot of trouble.

Sapience, the former Community Manager, has leveled up a new Dwarf Guardian named Tosmii on each and every server. He's level 50 and ready to enter Moria. The event will start at the milestone just inside the Hollin Gate.

Every run will be available live on the LOTRO official channel, so if you can't make a run, you can watch and join in the chat with other players. If you follow lotrostream on Twitch so you'll be notified each time a stream starts.

The run for Laurelin is Thursday 4th September 14:30 Server time (19:30 in UK, 20:30 in Europe)

The aim is to get a Dwarf on follow from Durin's Threshold to the Gates of Caras Galadhon as fast as possible, target to beat is 20 minutes. Fastes server gets to say "We're best"

As well as the spped buffed loons dragging the dwarf to Lorien, others should clear the way of any nasties, to avoid combat speed drops

To make things faster, drop molunts, pets and fancy clothes, get the lag minimised