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    Relect Damage on Reflect

    I recently tried Ost Dunloth with 2 others (3 man but our healer died quickly). This wasn't intentional. It just happened since no one else wanted to do it (OD'd from OD). The adds give 25% reflect damage if you hit the wrong color from the tree you hit. Question is, if you have a skill that reflects damage (e.g warden's Defiant challenge), will the reflect damage the mobs get from hitting you reflect back on you so that you lose 25% morale? From experience, i don't think so because otherwise, I would have died quickly but I lasted a long time. Not sure what the boss's morale was before I died. Maybe 100k?. Anyway, I was getting low on morale but I think it was because the bosses do more damage the more rounds the adds spawn (our dps was low). Can somebody please confirm if this is the case?
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    Reflect damage cannot be reflected.

    Imagine if it could, and both parties in a fight reflected a constant amount of damage. First one hits the second one, gets reflect damage. That triggers reflect damage, which triggers reflect damage, et cetera until one of the parties involved dies - and all that from one hit. That would be rather silly.
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