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    When do you buy Turbine Points?

    I am asking simply on the basis that 1) I was curious to see if others have the same practice as I do, [I wait until they come up for the double points special.] and 2) If people buy them whenever they need them.

    If my theory holds true, wouldn't it be prudent for Turbine to always apply the bonus points program? I mean if I run out of TP, and I usually do, I would be able to buy my points when I need them and not have to wait (which I do) for them to get the bonus treatment.

    Just being curious! Your thoughts and comments much appreciated!
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    I only buy points when it's double bonus sale. I feel the points per dollar are too low at the regular prices.

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    So far, I've never bought TP by themselves, only as part of an expansion pack - Steam Pack, Mithril Edition, and Helm's Deep all came with some, don't think the triple pack came with any TP. Couple of months VIP as well. Only used TP to buy content and storage though (and a character slot), and still got plenty spare now after buying all content there is.

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    I always buy only when double or triple bonus points are offered and at the largest bundle I can afford at the moment.

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    I'll spring for some if they are double (never seen triple), so I'll buy some then, or I'll buy regular price if a storage type that I need is significantly on sale and I have almost enough points.

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    I'm a lifer, so have the 500 monthly points. Before I decided to drop alts, I used to buy some occasionally. But I've decided to live "within my means", and not spend cash for points. So when do I buy them? I don't any more... As a result, I watch my points carefully. Don't buy consumables, only permanent buffs. And try to buy other things only on sale.

    Given my "on sale" mentality, if I did buy points I'd only do it on sale though...

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    As many other have said, I only buy points when 1) it's a double or triple point sale, AND 2) I know I'm going to need them for something in the very near future. I also only buy items from the store on sale, and very rarely on a "I need this now" basis. I think the only things I've purchased full price are the guild unlocks and LI unlocks.

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    As a general rule, I buy Turbine points when they are on sale. If there was something that I really wanted in the store and I didn't have enough points, I would likely buy some. But that doesn't happen often as I prefer to stock up on points ahead of time (when they are on sale), and I'm a VIP so I accumulate them anyway.

    I think they would lose money from giving people the "on-sale" price all the time. Not just because there are people who need the points now and will pay the higher price (although that's probably part of it), but also because putting the points on sale (as opposed to having a low price all the time) gets people to perceive them as being a good deal, which may induce some people (like me :P ) to buy them even when they don't need them right away. I think it's kind of like some other limited-time offers - people feel like they need to spend money now, instead of waiting til later. I wasn't particularly planning to buy points this week, but now I've decided I'm going to once I figure out what bundle I want, because right now they're a better deal. (And their storage-space sale drained me of a lot of my accumulated points.)

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    I go VIP, or buy points when ever I feel like Turbine deserves it... of sorts.

    Anytime double point sale is on, I've been broke. Have never ever been able to get in on it.

    I bought 35$ worth of points last week or so, since the 30% off coupon had 2 uses. I tend farm most point anyway.
    I recently went VIP for 3months, since Tech Support has put up with me for almost a month working to get new areas to run better. (So a they deserve some money for that)

    For me, I try to go VIP once a year, and point wise, I farm. Inless it seems worth it.
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    I buy them whenever I need them as I've maxed rep and leveled most of my alts past level 50 and I'd rather not delete them for the sake of generating more tp.
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    They ran a triple bonus points sale last year between Christmas and New Years, which is when I bought two of the largest packs, one for each account I own. It looks like this year they are just sticking with double points through the holiday season. I've still got about 4k points on one account and 8k on the other so I'm going to hold off until the next triple bonus sale finally happens.
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    My wife and I only buy TP when it's on sale (double bonus points).

    The only exception is spending $7.99 for enough TP to buy a gold cap removal for our f2p alts. We use f2p accounts to buy houses for our characters. To buy a deluxe home you have to remove the gold cap. Found that out the hard way.
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    Usually, I only buy large chunks of TP and only when there's a double point sale. That is, if -- and only if -- I'm in need of them. I don't buy TP just because they are on sale or something like that.

    I do buy TP when I want something *right now* and I don't have enough TP at the moment. For example, when there's a level cap increase and I need scrolls to complete my x-bow (and I don't have the currency needed to finish it with in-game currency like Marks). If I'm out of TP, I just buy them and spend them right away.

    For me, it's a "need-to" case.

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    Wait for the triple bonus sale, then double dip when they run their 30% off coupon sale. I go on monster shopping sprees whenever that happens and don't spend a dime outside of those select times.
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    Since last December I have only bought them during the Triple Bonus Point sale. I'm waiting for another Triple, and unless they add some extremely compelling thing to the store, I don't intend to buy any more unless it's triple. (It's just that double happens quiet frequently and so if I really need the TP, it wont be hard to wait for a double bonus sale.) However, for normal practice, 2x bonus point is nice too, and I wouldn't ever recommend buying them other than then. If you are a big spender, then stock up in advance during the sale and if somehow you manage to get relatively low supplies, spread it out until another sale.

    (hint that I want a Triple Bonus sale soon or I won't be buying my yearly TP obviously can't do it now though, cause that's aggravate people who bought just the 2x bonus, so wait like a month)



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