Burglars: 1.Naughtygun (Only burg Ive seen in the last month. Seriously) 2. N/A
Captains: 1. Aglathion (Gratz on r13 again, and getting better everyday) 2 Danhilleth (Hardest hitting cappy I know, just isnt out much , Which I cant blame her)
Champions: 1. Meldo (Do I need an explanation?) 2. Most other champs 3. Xethias (World chat is starting to hurt my head now)
Hunters: 1 Jango (Forever the most hated player among crpside, but forever the best hunter on imlad.) 2. N/A
Runekeepers: 1. Surfsup (From what Ive seen, a solid healing RK and an up and coming player if he plays more. 2. Ona (Best healing RK I know, just not on her RK much atm)
Ministrels: 1. Elonol (3 Healing minis in 1 body I swear) 2. Murph (Pre-Gratz on r10)
Wardens: 1. Nim (I will die even on spider to this guy if im not careful) 2. Glaewon, Alfadan, Archaius (Sorry if I misspelled) All good bleed rotating wardens when there are 3 man defiler groups that need spankings
Guardians: 1. Selcouth (Gratz on r11 again, plays how the class should be played) 2. N/A
Loremasters: 1. Uggae (Only LM Ive really seen out, but still plays it to full potential)

Defilers: 1. Healskiddo (Shows defilers can out dps 1v1 without heals) 2. All other spam healing defilers
Warleaders: 1. Lubshag (Welcome back, you auto win the Warleader section because the rest on the server are well, either N/A or pve heros) (Lubby also good mechanically, don't get me wrong =D)
Wargs 1. Meldops (I cant tell if im even wearing armor when fighting him. The pain is real) 2. Karrma and Silar if they were active more, but for now N/A
Blackarrows 1. Skamtor (Toughest BA for me to solo atm) 2. Pewpewparmz (Another mechanically solid BA)
Reavers 1. KOTOMINE (Welcome back koto. My fav player in the moors with great skill and the right yolo attitude more players need.) 2. N/A (P.S. I miss my Reeferbaby :'C)
Weavers 1. All spiders that can hit 1,2,3,Reflect,1,2,3