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    [LANDROVAL] Solve-A-Mystery Roleplay Contest - Sat, Oct 25 at 4pm EST/server

    Join us for a Solve-A-Mystery Roleplay Contest
    Saturday, October 25 at 4:00pm - 6:30pm servertime on Landroval

    Meet at Windy Acres Ranch, 9 Chestnut Street, Raglan, Bree-land homesteads
    Solve a mystery, roleplay, and enjoy fine music!

    The event features a detailed roleplaying story and is open to characters of all levels.
    The game is designed to be played by any number people.

    The event begins with a live auction of in-game items to raise money for charity.
    The highest bidder in each auction must donate the promised amount directly to
    Rick Heaton's "Extra Life" campaign to receive the items.

    The mystery game begins at the conclusion of the auction.
    During the mystery game, our actors will take scripted roles in an exciting story.
    You will roleplay a Bounder, Ranger, sheriff, or someone else appointed to investigate.
    Clues are gained by interviewing the witnesses, roleplaying in-character.
    You will have 30 minutes to interview the witnesses, located in adjacent houses.

    After completing your investigation, tell the host who the culprit is and other details of the crime.
    The first person who solves the mystery with the most correct clues wins 2,500 Turbine Points!
    Second place wins 1,000 TP and third place wins 500 TP.

    Participants should show up dressed appropriately for a Halloween masquerade party or as investigators.
    Please leave weapons larger than daggers at home. Pets should be kept outdoors.

    After the mystery is solved, participants are invited to stay for a concert.
    Music will be provided by the Remediators and the Starlight Orchestra.

    This year's theme is Phantom of the Opera!

    More information will be posted as the event approaches.
    All rules and necessary information will be provided at the event.

    Contact Kiralynn on Landroval or by email at kiralynn@roll3d6.com if you have questions about the event.
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    The solve-a-mystery evening will begin with an in-game live auction!

    We will be auctioning sets of in-game items. Participants can listen in and bid on the Regional channel of Raglan, Bree-land homesteads.
    The winning bidder must donate the promised amount directly to Rick Heaton's "Extra Life" campaign to receive the items.
    This campaign raises money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

    Here is the list of auction items...

    * Lonely Mountain Band Concert --
    Members of the LMB will perform a one-hour concert at a time and location chosen by the auction winner (based on player and character availability).

    * Ride To Victory --
    Sufficient reputation items to gain Kindred status with the following factions:
    Men of Bree, Mathom Society, Thorin's Hall, Elves of Rivendell, Rangers of Esteldin, Wardens of Annuminas, Council of the North, Lossoth of Forochel, Iron Garrison Miners, and Iron Garrison Guards.
    There are also travel maps in the set to help your character reach faction vendors.
    Gaining Kindred status grants the ability to buy faction steeds, enjoy discounts on travel and goods, purchase special goods and recipes, and repair gear at a discount.
    It will also grant 50 Turbine Points per faction, unlock faction titles, and bring the character very close to completing the World Renowned deed.
    We will have two of these sets available at the auction.

    * Maps of the World --
    One of each wall housing item necessary to complete the Eriador and Moria cartographer deeds.

    * Color Your Wardrobe --
    A set of seven dyes of each color.
    We will have four of these sets available at auction.

    * Friend To The Animals --
    One tome for each Lore Master animal: cat, dog, frog, fox, snake, and squirrel.
    We will have two of these sets available at auction time.

    * Master Musician --
    One manual for each of the following instruments: clarinet, flute, harp, horn, drum, theorbo, bagpipes, pibgorn, cowbell, and moor cowbell.
    We will have three of these sets available at auction.

    * Live Like A Horse Lord --
    One each of Rohan furniture pieces: bed, bookcase, credenza/bureau/cupboard, chair, chandelier, shield rack, keg, tapestry/shield set, antlers/stag head, shelf, and horse post.
    Also included are a bear skin rug, brown rug, log holder, animal trophy, and other miscellaneous furniture items.
    We will have at two of these sets available at auction.

    * The Keymaster --
    Ten steel keys and a random assortment of lootboxes.

    * Mithril Snowstorm --
    50 Mithril Flakes, an Emerald Shard, and other miscellaneous symbols.

    * Amazing Pets --
    We will be auctioning a Tome of the Black Swan and a Tome of the Snowy Fangorn Huorn.

    * The Hungry Hobbit --
    Enough food to complete five hidden deeds: Breakfast Connoisseur, Carnivore, Pie Maven, Vegetarian, and Cake-eater.
    More than one of these may be available at auction time.

    Here are the auction rules --
    * Each item set will be announced and questions about it will be answered before bidding begins.
    * Kiralynn will conduct the auction in the neighborhood's Regional channel. Please make sure you have this channel active in your chat window.
    * Bidders must announce their bids on the Regional channel. Kiralynn will acknowledge high bids as she sees them.
    * Bidders can offer any amount of money exceeding the previous bid. In the case of tie bids, the first one received by Kiralynn will be accepted.
    * Once bidding on an item has stopped for over a minute, Kiralynn will call for last bids on an item. If no higher bid is received, the auction will close.
    * The high bidder must immediately donate money to Rick Heaton's (Sapience's) Extra Life campaign, in the full amount of the bid. (www.extra-life.org/participant/sapience)
    * The item set will not be sent to the winner until the donation is confirmed on the campaign's donation page, and the winner has sufficient space in his/her in-game inventory and/or mailbox.
    * Kiralynn must be able to identify the donation by the name or correct amount. Bidders can contact Kiralynn through /tell with donation information if necessary.
    * Previous donations to Extra Life do not qualify as auction bids.
    * If the high bidder is not able to complete the donation, the second highest bidder will be offered the item set at the lower amount they offered.
    * The winner must receive the items within 24 hours, through sufficient space in inventory and in-game mailbox.
    * In the event of a dispute, tie bid, or issue involving lag, all efforts will be made to resolve the situation fairly, however Kiralynn is the final authority.
    * There are no refunds. All sales are final.

    Contact kiralynn@roll3d6.com with any questions.
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    More information is available regarding the mystery!

    A ruby necklace has been stolen during a Halloween masquerade party.

    In order to win, investigators must determine...
    Who stole the ruby necklace?

    * What color was their mask?
    * What food did they eat the most?
    * What musical instrument did they play?
    * What pipe weed did they smoke?
    * In what order did they arrive?

    The first people to answer with the greatest number of correct details will win Turbine Points.
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    It's time to announce the prizes!

    The first person who solves the mystery with the most correct clues wins 2,500 Turbine Points!
    Second place wins 1,000 TP and third place wins 500 TP.
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--

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    Here's your first hint for solving the mystery...

    Our story is The Ruthless Rogue's Ruby Robbery
    or The Mysterious Conundrum of the Missing Corundum

    The game begins at Windy Acres Ranch, 9 Chestnut Street, Raglan, Bree-land homesteads.

    Our suspects are Quince, Liatris, Corbus, and Larkspur.
    Only one of these suspects is responsible for the theft.

    To determine which one is guilty, you'll need to interview our five witnesses:
    • Hollyberye at #7 Chestnut Street
    • Lilikate at #8 Chestnut Street
    • Lindorieh at #3 Garden Street
    • Braxwald at #4 Garden Street
    • Dimfalas at #3 Fountain Street

    To help you along the way, chat with Chief Investigator Stamberey.
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    Congratulations to our solve-a-mystery winners:
    1st place -- Winri
    2nd place -- Laerlin
    3rd plcae -- Ijnar

    Well done, investigators!

    Now it's time for the big reveal!

    Here are all the puzzle pieces...

    Clues from Witness 1 - Hollyberye
    * The person eating cheese wore the black mask.
    * The suspect with Hornblower pipe weed arrived before the smoker of the Dragonsbreath.
    * The suspects were wearing masks in the colors of black, blue, green, and red.
    * The suspect in the green mask is not guilty.

    Clues from Witness 2 - Lilikate
    * The person who arrived last did not eat cheese.
    * The Longbottom Leaf smoker wore the blue mask.
    * The suspects played four different instruments – a flute, harp, horn, and lute.
    * Each suspect played music, ate, and then smoked pipe weed.

    Clues from Witness 3 - Lindorieh
    * The person playing the lute stopped to eat pie.
    * The Longbottom Leaf smoker arrived just after the person who wore the red mask.
    * The suspects ate different foods at the party – beef, cheese, fish, and pie.
    * The person playing the horn favored Hornblower pipe weed.

    Clues from Witness 4 - Braxwald
    * The person who smoked Old Toby arrived after the harp player.
    * The person eating fish arrived after the person wearing the red mask.
    * The suspect wearing the black mask carried a plate of sliced cheese.
    * The suspects smoked Dragonsbreath, Longbottom Leaf, Old Toby, and Hornblower pipe weeds.

    Clues from Witness 5 - Dimfalas
    * The person eating cheese arrived immediately after the person playing the horn.
    * The suspect who ate pie had played the lute earlier.
    * The suspects did not arrive at the same time. Quince arrived first, Liatris arrived next, followed by Corbus and finally Larkspur.
    * The thief is either the one who ate beef or the one who played the flute. (One of these two people had the necklace in their hand when they passed by you, but you can’t remember which. You didn’t realize it was stolen at the time.)

    Info from Chief Investigator – Stamberey
    * The suspects are Quince, Liatris, Corbus, and Larkspur.
    * Quince arrived at the party first, Liatris second, Corbus third, and Larkspur last.
    * Only one of the suspects is guilty. None of them worked as a team.
    * The witnesses are Braxwald, Hollyberye, Lilikate, and Lindorieh.
    * The witnesses are located at #7 Chestnut Street, #8 Chestnut Street, #3 Garden Street, #4 Garden Street, and #3 Fountain Street.

    And now the solution...

    Using clues provided by the witnesses, we were able to determine the following:

    Quince arrived first, wearing a green mask. He played a horn, ate a large helping of beef, and then sat down to smoke his Hornblower pipe weed.

    Liatris arrived second, wearing a black mask. She played her harp, helped herself to a plate of cheese, and then went outside to enjoy a bit of Dragonsbreath pipe weed.

    Corbus arrived third, wearing a red mask. He strummed his lute, ate a slice of pie, and then smoked his Old Toby pipe weed.

    Larkspur arrived last, wearing a blue mask. She played a tune on the flute, enjoyed a serving of fish, and then relaxed with Longbottom Leaf pipe weed.

    An important clue was given by Dimfalas – The thief is either the one who ate beef or the one who played the flute.

    This means that the guilty suspect was wearing either a green or blue mask.

    However, Hollyberye told us that the suspect in the green mask is not guilty. This leaves only the person in the blue mask, Larkspur!

    Larkspur stole the ruby necklace!
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