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Thread: Server Merge?

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    Server Merge?

    I don't really want to start a conversation here. I just want to know the player's opinions of server merges personally.

    1. You want a server merge.

    2. You don't mind a server merge.

    3. You don't want a server merge.

    Please respond with one of the numbers. You can reply with more information if you like. I know Turbine has said they will not do merges, but lets NOT talk about that XD. Personally, I am a 1 because PvMP seems to be dying on this server.

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    Maybe this is something I should ask in the PvMP section? lol

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    Jun 2012
    Dwarrowdelf=best server in game, nobody wants servers to merge here. bye

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    Dec 2012
    New York, New York
    The popular option seems to be transferring to another server, but why would anyone leave Dwarrowdelf? Where else can you find ideal small group action? We are the envy of those suffering from Zerg Versus Zerg Syndrome, a deadly plague that has infested servers like Brandywine, and soon to hit Windfola in just a matter of days, according to a reliable source. Dwarrowdelf remains an Asylum© for those that seek to escape ZVZS, a place where No QQ© takes place.




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