Long time player of over five years - lifetime subscription. Currently kinless.

Age 50, male, UK, with family and job but often online most nights for 2-3 hours.
Mains: RK (level 100) and Warden (soon will be level 100) and levelling up Guardian, Loremaster and Captain.

RK: Gyldorion
Warden: Gylbrennan

Looking for a friendly, helpful kin.
Am into PvE but not PvP (at least have never really got into it and have preferred lore, questing and instances).

To give an idea of what I am looking for:

a relatedly active kin with players both at end-game and also levelling up; I am happy helping experienced players with Alts and new players and would want the same help for me
a kin that does instances and raids and like to get them done well but are not elitist/over serious nor obsessed with min/maxing; nor operate points-systems; nor play at unsociable times; there are some raids (OD, ToO) that I have not yet fully completed
players who like to complete all of the deeds from simple low-level slayer deeds to meta-deeds (e.g. need Thorog, Dungeons of DG) to the deeds associated with instances/raids (e.g. at T2)
players who like some of the fluff stuff too such as Festivals
help with larger group-size BBs