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    Character missing. I did check every server.

    Hello all. What a lovely community of encouraging and helpful people! As the title says, so it is. I stopped playing LOTRO in december or january, just getting back into it now. I was a VIP member and everything. I had it on steam, wiped my computer clean, and then downloaded it from the WWW directly. I logged into my my account, forgot my password, reset it, and then logged in successfully. I checked my last played server and it asked me to create a new character. I backed out and proceeded to try every single server (I was playing on a german server mind you, and still tried every single one) and it always asked me to make a new character. I know turbine doesnt delete characters... but where the hell did mine go?

    thank you!

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    It looks like you are using the wrong account. The account that you are posting from was created in August, 2014 not last year. Collect the personal information that you used to create your account. I suggest you call Turbine Account Management on the telephone. Have the nice human search the database for your missing account.
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    I'm having this issue but from US server. Thought about getting back into this game

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    Quote Originally Posted by TaiMaiShu View Post
    I'm having this issue but from US server. Thought about getting back into this game
    If you cannot find which server the characters are on then as Yula said you will need to contact Account Management for assistance.
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