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    A Mass Transfer to YOUR Server?

    A lot of servers are dying out - especially in the Moors. Many people want action, but don't want the constant RvR and lag associated with Brandywine. I'm trying to organize those who enjoy small group PvP into picking an alternative mass transfer location, in the hopes of creating a mid-high population moors with a retained focus on small group action. I've set an arbitrary minimum of 50 people committed to transferring a character - certainly not enough to serve as a decent moors population in itself, but enough to hopefully get things started. It looks like we'll hit that number relatively soon, and now we need to get some information on what server might be the best choice as a small-group, Brandywine alternative.

    I'm curious about the state of your server. Answers to any of these questions would be much appreciated!

    1) What is the current state of your PvP? Freep dominated? Creep dominated? Flipper dominated?
    2) What is your creep population like? Are there quality tribes? Are there a decent amount of high ranked creeps left playing?
    3) What is your freep population like? PvP kins? High ranked freeps?
    4) Do you currently have Raid v Raid at peak hours?
    5) Would a mass transfer of PvP'ers be welcomed or shunned?
    6) How is your 1v1 scene here? Is it frowned upon with lots of 1v1 gankers and OOC hate? Or are there a decent amount who enjoy it?


    If you're interested in joining in, please /sign here: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...fer-Discussion or contact me via PM.
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    Freep heavy server it sucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HinderSpam View Post
    Freep heavy server it sucks.
    Lotro pvp sucks.
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