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    Warden Tanking set 100?

    i cannot find a single piece of armour for a Warden with tank stats can we have barter medium armour gear or a warden tank set with not only dps bonus and main stats ? on level 100

    so with Vit Agil instead of just agil?

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    I'm going to go ahead and recommend essence gear for your tanking needs.
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    I just completed a tanking set for my Warden last night. I used the essence gear system. Aside from one piece, upon which I put 2 agility essences, I only took the base 119 agility from each of the 6 pieces for my main stat (you should get plenty of agility from jewelry and such as long as you end up close to 30k physical mastery). The rest was a mix of critical defense (I pushed this up around 70%), incoming healing (nearly maxed at about 28% for a Man, which gets a racial +5% bonus), some finesse (to cut down on enemies' BPE and resistance to your attacks and cries), and a ton of morale essences (with a couple vitality ones thrown in for a bit extra resistance).

    I've seen a lot of Wardens stacking mit or bpe essences on that armour, and it just isn't needed. With the new capstone to Conviction, you can max it (the trait's effect) out at almost 5k physical/tactical mit at tier 10 (and it seems to count any other players around you, not just in your fellowship - this means that in a raid-size group, you get a really big buff). With this new trait, I can cap Physical and Tactical Mitigation with just Conviction, Dance of War, and Shield Tactics (I use the legacy for this). BPE is easy to max as well, if you use a couple gambits such as Shield Mastery (if you need it, you can use the +block legacy for this), Surety of Death (which you are going to use for aggro anyway), War Cry, and Wall of Steel (my parry is high enough so that I don't need this to buff).
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