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    Cosmetics suddenly became Bound to Account

    A little while ago several cosmetic items became bound without notice. Several people has mentioned it happening to the same items so it seems like it's a bug.

    These two I found in my vault and I bought them from the AH earlier but now it says "Bind to Account on Acquire" :/

    [Ceremonial Cloak of Mordirith's Bane]
    [Ceremonial Cloak of the Ancient Ruins]

    I bugged it for the two cloaks I noticed it happening too, but it might be a good idea to look for more and bug those as well

    Has anyone seen it happen to other cosmetics? Or remember when this happened?
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    Since they are store items, presumably premium drops from lootboxes, I think it is much more likely that they were bugged BEFORE, when they were NOT bound to account.
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    It's no proper behaviour to just change such things without notice. Some players store unbound cosmetics on a separate storage account. When Turbine silently changes these items to bound to character/account they have no way to move them to their primary account anymore. Especially for RP folks this is a problem because they have tons of cosmetics and the wardrobe is just too small to store everything there.

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    I know many kinships and/or groups of friends who use housing storage as a way to "communally" store cosmetic items for the group to share. If formerly unbound items become suddenly Bind on Acquire... does that mean it gets retroactively assigned to the person who originally acquired it? Or to whomever ends up picking it up from the storage chest? Will people suddenly find themselves accidentally "stealing" a now-Bind-on-Acquire item and be unable to give it back? I'd hate to be in that position.
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    It gets bound to the person who picks it up, and the worst thing is that there's no warning that "this item will bind to your character, do you still want to take this yes/no". I've already "lost" cosmetics because of this problem.
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    Many of the items that became bound-to-account, or even worse bound-on-acquire, were originally from gift boxes from festivals. Others were skirmish bartered cosmetics.

    It is most frustrating, as I did not think to put all of my many cosmetic items in house vaults. Some were in personal vaults of characters from accounts that did not need them to wear, but were storing them for others.

    But sad to say, this is the way Turbine has always worked. No warning, or a brief comment in patch notes that one often does not get to read until the patch is already being applied...

    BTW, some of my dyes, I am suspecting from old lotteries, recently became bound-to-account as well...

    Since all this, I have begun putting any non-bound travel maps, as well as lev 45 class items, in house vaults. As well as any of my cosmetics that have not been made bound yet. Better safe than sorry...
    Problem with any stacking items though is that, since the house chest changes, you can no longer split a stack withing a house chest anymore. The entire stack goes into the character's bag, is then split, then the part not needed is put back into the house chest.
    So if the stack of items would bind when removed, the whole stack becomes bound to the character when you try to split it.
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    This is my philosophy, and I recognize it may not be shared, but here goes...

    The only cosmetics that should be bound are the following:

    1. Cosmetics earned via the epic quest line (which should be bound to character, like most quest rewards). This extends to armor used cosmetically that is earned in quests that may or may not be epic.
    2. Cosmetics received from exclusive sources, such as account life-time (during the anniversary) or via expansion pack bonuses. As these are account-wide bonuses, each character already gets one, so should also be bound to character. These are also, I believe, the only items that can be retrieved if destroyed.
    3. Cosmetics purchased from the LOTRO store. These should be bound to account.

    And tentatively:
    4. Cosmetics that are gated behind specific content. But even these should be bound to account (the way Hytbold armor was). Not everyone wants to go all completionist on all their toons just for some cosmetics.

    I see no other reason for any cosmetic to be bound, and that includes cosmetics earned from festivals or lootboxes.
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