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    Aquaman & the Magic Swan

    There are at least two pretty curious NPC renderings in Dol Amroth. The first I noticed while fishing on the wharf. I was seeing something that looks like a small twig randomly appearing on the right side of the wharf. If you pan your camera around so that you can see the end of the wharf, you can see a guy sitting on a ledge about 4 feet under water, happily fishing away. Obviously he must have gills to breath underwater, and therefore, it must be Aquaman!

    Another is in the Great Hall daily where you go gather the swans that the corsairs have let loose in the courtyards. One of them, at least in my game, always appears to be standing about 8 feet off of the ground. I'm surprised that my dwarf can reach that high, but he is able to grab it :-)

    Anyway, I wonder if others have some entertaining nuggets that they would like to share. I find these kinds of glitches entertaining - as long as they don't adversely affect gameplay (like the barrier in HDike that you couldn't get to).

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    I'd love to see this "aquaman" have coordinates?

    At the Wharf, there's also a man in permanent fighting stance in the water too. the North dock, next to the ship.

    I've also seen the swan 8 feet off the ground inside the great hall instance.

    Also a few mobs in the bank and armoury instance like to spawn inside walls

    There's also a mob that spawns inside a house at Calembel. I bugged that one :P
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