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    Equipping slotted Legacy itmes

    This is probably stupid but I can't figure out how to equip a Legacy item that I've been building up. Found some suggestions that you just have to "click" on it in the legacy panel but that doesn't seem to work.

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    Error, error .............

    Read "Legendary" not "legacy"

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    I'm not sure what your confusion is... The Legendary item is in your inventory. If you want to equip it, simply open your inventory and right click it.
    Or, you can open both your inventory and Character panel, then drag and drop the Legendary item into the corresponding equipment slot.

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    Edit, I misread the OP and thought they were asking about using legacy scrolls on LI's.

    You can only equip an LI to actually use it after you have slotted it on your LI panel.
    Once an LI is slotted on the LI panel, it will stay in one of your inventory bags. You cannot put a slotted LI into your bank vault, you MUST carry it in your inventory.

    You can slot LI's on your skillbars. Make sure you have unlocked quickslots (game options), drag the LI's from your inventory to convenient skill slots and lock your quickslots again.

    From then on you can switch between different LI's by clicking on the appropriate skill slots.

    Remember to update your LI quickslots as you replace your current LI's with higher level LI's.

    Don't bother putting "relic trash" LI's on your quickslots. if you aren't going to actually use an LI to fight, it doesn't need to be on a quickslot.
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    Any legendary item that is slotted into your LI panel will also appear in one of your inventory bags. It will have the same colored border around it in both places, so that should help you find it.
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    Thanks all!



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