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    New crafting tier

    Hi everyone,

    is there a new crafting tier that will be unlocked after westemnet tier?

    Thank you for answers,

    Soufleuse from Vilya

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    There hasn't been one yet. However, there most likely will be one when we get further into Gondor, since it would be silly for them to be using "Eorlingas" Ore/Hides to make their Weapons and Armor.

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    Thumbs down Crafting veres Grinding gear

    The lvl 95 food recipes are useless NOW! At least get better food for crafters to cook up? The removal of FEAR, WOUND, ETC is out of date with having values of 100 instead of 105. Since you implemented 105 healing draughts, it would be better to have the food that does the same thing! Also with Gondor being a new map you should have done the new tier right off the bat like what you did with the beginning part of Rohan. It's frustrating to have 4 lvl caps and having to spend most of my play time doing stupid dailies. If players want to craft their gear, they should have that option, not be forced in grinding their way into a new suit of armour! Me personally I have shelved my lvl caps and are lvling other toons. I know some people like doing the dailies to get the gear that is offered for the coin that is given but there are people that still want to craft what they wear! I think that the whole socketed armour thing is a waste of time and hard earned gold to buy in the AH It's a waste of time if you have a family of lvl capped toons!

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    um, lvl 95 food is still the best food in lotro, until Update 15 at least, which is due at end of November.

    We won't have a new crafting tier until the next level cap increase, which will likely be sometime between March and July 2015.
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