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    Abadel A Dwarf only Kinship on Landroval aimed at Enedwaith content and below

    Abadel is a new dwarf only kinship on Landroval whose main goal is to experience all of the lower level “end-game” content as it was meant to be played. Most of our members will reach level 65 and stop leveling. Role-playing will be encouraged but not required. And there will be a kin outfit, which can be fully obtained through in-game means.

    The low level end-game content we wish to experience will include the dungeons and raids found in Enedwaith, Mirkwood, Moria, and Angmar. With the max level currently being 100, and with so much higher level content, it is often difficult to find groups for the dungeons located in these regions. Many of our members have never even experienced these dungeons. So the main purpose of this kinship is to focus only on these areas.

    Many of the kin members will reach level 65 and stop leveling. This will help us experience the dungeons the way they were meant to be experienced. If you wish to be a part of our kin, yet still level to 100, that is fine. We will not require that you stop leveling once you reach 65. However, if you do wish to terminate all experience your character receives then the item ‘Stone of the Tortoise’ can be purchased from the LotRO store under ‘Experience Disabler’.

    Many of our members have not done any of the dungeon content in Enedwaith, Mirkwood, Moria, or Angmar, and most of us are not ‘hard-core raiders’. As such, we will likely die a lot when we start raiding. We will not chastise any player for not playing a class well. All we ask is that they are willing to learn, patient and determined to finish whatever dungeon we start.

    This kin will be ‘semi-rp’. This is a dwarf only kin, and we will have a kin outfit. The kin outfit is still in debate, so the only thing required right now is: A dwarf character, a reasonable name (a name like ‘Cheesepuff’ will not be allowed), and willingness to learn a bit about the Dwarven culture. All members are also required to get TeamSpeak and at least a headset to hear what is going on. We are very social, polite and on there often.

    We are a kin who wants new members to help us fight back the evil that others have forgotten. If you are a hardy Dwarf willing to help, please join our crusade to smite the intruders in the halls of Moria.

    For more information, please visit abadel.guildlaunch.com (just started and a work in progress). In game tells and messages may be submitted to Disrun, Doongle, or Zeborin.
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