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    Quest Pack advice

    Hello all,

    I discovered this game a few months ago and loved it! I didn't realize there was so much to explore while being a F2P player. After several months of frequent playing, I now have a level 37 Hobbit Hunter and I appear to have hit what some call "the level cap". I'm having trouble advancing in the epic storyline because the enemies are much higher level than me. I've completed almost all the quests in the Shire, Bree, and Lone Lands, and only have a few low-level quests in Ered Luin remaining. By completing lots of deeds I have acquired 1,000 turbine points.

    My question for you all is, what quest pack (or quest packs) would you recommend me using my turbine points on? While I think I might pay money to unlock some content in the future, I would like to remain a F2P player until my personal financial situation stabilizes a little bit. After doing some research, Evendim is a common suggestion for players around my level, but is it worth it given that I am already level 37?

    I play mostly solo but I do enjoy fellowship quests every now and then. Preferably the quest pack should have lots of quests to keep me busy for some time.

    Looking forward to hearing everyone's advice.


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    Evendim has alot of content, but I found it very boring. I'd suggest you buy the Angmar quest pack since you are already level 37. Maybe grind a little bit to level 40 first and make sure you have some shiny blue gear, it's not a friendly region for solo players but by far it was my favorite area in the game.
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    First and foremost, I have to ask; Are you the type the only plays one character? Or, is there the possibility that you'll be rolling some alts?

    I ask because of you're the latter, then Evendim will be a good place for them to level up from 30~40. But, if you're the former, then Evendim won't be the most ideal choice for you.

    After Evendim, most quest packs don't offer as wide of a range for leveling. Trollshaws in 35~40, Misty Mountains is 40~45, Angmar is 40~45, Forochel is 45~50 and Eregion is 45~50.
    Of course, you can always supplement your experience by doing Skirmishes, either solo or in a group.

    Also, as soon as you hit lvl 45, you'll want to drop what you're doing and run (or ask a friendly lvl 51+ Hunter to port you) to Echad Dunann in Eregion (south of Trollshaws). There you'll start the Volume 2 Epic, Book 1, it'll will give you your first Legendary Item, which will be stronger than any on level weapon.

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    Keep in mind that you can start the quest chain to enter Moria at 45. Moria is a very expensive purchase, but extremely necessary in my opinion (and will easily carry you to level 60 and beyond). If you're going to save up TPs for something, I would suggest saving up TPs for Moria, and perhaps making a smaller purchase to keep you occupied in the meantime.
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    I have only played with one character to date, but I think I might start creating new characters to get a feel for the other races/classes and to get TP.

    How many Turbine points does Moria cost?

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    So it sounds like I should buy a smaller expansion to level me up to 45, and then I can start Volume 2 Epic, Book 1 and begin the process of entering Moria.

    Does anyone have strong feelings about what is the best expansion to buy for that purpose? Misty Mountains? Angmar? Forochel? Eregion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrogmortonJustice196 View Post
    How many Turbine points does Moria cost?
    There are two entries for Moria on the Turbine Store; The entire expansion for 2495TP (includes quests, instances, RK/Warden and +2 Character slots) and there's the expansion quest pack for 1495TP (includes quests and instances).

    Though, there's also the Path of the Fellowship for 2950TP (includes Trollshaws, Eregion, Moria quest pack and Lothlorien).
    If you don't mind spending some cash, you can get the Mithril Edition for ~$20, which included the Path of the Fellowship, a mount and 2kTP to spend on other quest packs/expansions.

    And, the more characters you run through the regions you buy, you get more on the return for your investment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrogmortonJustice196 View Post
    I have only played with one character to date, but I think I might start creating new characters to get a feel for the other races/classes and to get TP.

    How many Turbine points does Moria cost?
    The Moria expansion costs 2495 TP, but there are discounts occasionally. I think it's better to get that one than just Moria quests and instances for 1495 TP, because you will probably eventually get curious about warden and runekeeper classes and want more character slots, and it's much cheaper to get all that by buying the Moria expansion than buying them all separately. Also, Moria expansion enables you to level your skirmish soldier's traits a little bit higher and make the soldier stronger, which helps a lot.

    I won't advise you which way you should level, because there are many equally good options, but I will tell you how I did it. I went through these levels as an F2P as well.

    I too thought of buying Moria, I was told it's a great zone. And as I later found out, it's indeed great. Some people don't like it because of its setting (a large cave system, no sky, quite easy to get lost or fall down into an abyss). But in terms of quality of questing, I think it's awesome.

    However, here's what happened in my case. I really enjoyed the epic quest line and wanted to do them all. Epic quests are generally the best made quests in the game. Also, as a new player, I enjoyed occasional skirmishes, I joined some skirmishes and instances with kinmates, I did festival quests (it was the Halloween festival back then, great fun), I leveled professions and killed some mobs for reputation items, I turned in tasks, and I quested in Angmar. All that added up quickly. I was already around level 50 by the time I went to the gates of Moria to get my epic weapon (it's a lvl 50 epic quest, but as people mentioned it can be done as early as lvl 45).

    And I was still only at Book 7 or Book 8 of the epic line in Angmar. And there are 15 books in Volume I (before Moria) in total. In total, there are about 100 epic quests for lvl 49-50 in Angmar and Moria. That's at least 4 levels right there.

    So after getting my legendary items, I went back to Angmar. I kept doing epic quests. I kept doing occasional skirmishes and what not with kinmates. By the time I went back into Moria, I was already in mid 50s. I thought of getting Moria at that point, but... there were lots of epic quests in Moria. The Moria epic line starts slowly, but then there are some 50 epic quests for levels 56-60, as well as multiple skirmishes and instances that you have to do for the epic quests. That's at least 2-3 levels not counting task turn ins, skirmishing, festival questing, profession leveling and whatever else you do "on the side."

    So by the time I was midway through the Moria epics, it was too late to buy Moria. By the time I was done with them, I was close to 60 and the epic was asking me to go to Mirkwood.

    Now, this wasn't the fastest way to level. If you have a quest pack, then while doing epic quests you can also finish a few "normal" quests in the same area. More experience. But I didn't regret it at all. The fact is that the Volume I epic line is very long, Moria epic line is quite big as well, and there are plenty of other activities in the game that give experience, and they are quite fun for a new player, especially festivals. And the Moria expansion by itself (not counting epic quests) is about sufficient to get a player from 50 to 60. So a player has to choose. It's not possible to do all lvl 49-60 epic quests and Moria normal quests without a lot of quests turning green. And then if you level professions, do festivals and especially do deeds (I ignore most of them myself), then that's even more experience.

    Maybe if you start all lvl 50 quests at 45 and don't do many side activities, you would manage to do both expansion and all epics by lvl 60. But even then I doubt it. It also depends on your class. If you are a burglar, you will sneak past most mobs instead of killing them, so you will get a bit less experience.

    I did Moria expansion quests on my second character, and I really enjoyed them. I ignored most of the Volume I epic on that character though. I haven't even done essential Angmar epic quests on that character, so he can't even travel in most of Angmar. I did all Moria expansion quests + about 2/3rds of Moria epic, and that was enough to get that character from 49 to 61.

    Anyway, I loved both journeys. Just epic quests + festivals + what not between lvl 50 and 60 on my first character. And just Moria expansion with some Moria epic quests on my second. The second way is faster, but both were fun to me. It's up to you which way you go.
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    As to your second question about level 45-ish quest packs. All of them have positives. Angmar has the most quests, but a lot of them are group quests. You shouldn't have much trouble getting from 40 to 45 there. You could get to 50 with fellowships. That's not counting lvl 49-50 epic quests which are free. Angmar also has great spots for farming reputation for two factions (which you can send to alts), so that's a way to get some extra turbine points. It also has instances. If you can get groups for later quests, it's a great choice.
    Downsides, well, it's a gloomy place and it's easy to die.

    Forochel is smaller, but it's cheaper and very solo friendly. It's best to start at about 43, and it should take you to 48-ish. If you don't get the Moria expansion on your first playthrough and you are a solo player, Forochel is a great choice. But you will have to skirmish or whatever until you get to 42 at least.

    Eregion is a small pack, most quests are lvl 48-50. It's best to be at least lvl 44 before you start it, otherwise you won't be able to take some of the quests in the starting area and will have to come back. It has enough quests for around 4 levels. The main positive is that you get two short instances (School and Library) that are popular at lvl 100 too. So you will probably want to have that quest pack at lvl 100.

    Misty Mountains will take you from 40 to 45-47 if you go down into the Goblin Town. It's a cool enough quest pack. Some fellowship quests, mostly solo. The Goblin Town was fun for me on a burglar, but it can be very frustrating for some classes because it's a big cave system, it's hard to find the way, quest givers keep sending you to the other side of caves multiple times, the mini map doesn't point to quest locations. Lots of mobs, they respawn quickly, a few of them are elites, some of them are sneaking. If you are a squishy class and you die and have to clear all your way back again, ouch. It's likely that if you aren't a burglar and try to solo the Goblin Town, you will get so frustrated that you will leave Misty Mountains at 43 or 44. The biggest positive is that you also get a raid that people use at max level.
    On my burglar I did Trollshaws, Misty Mountains and Eregion in a row. These are small zones that work well one after the other.
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    I'll assume you'll role more characters (and you have to anyway, if you want to have enough TPs to buy Moria and higher regions), so here's my suggestion:

    - Evendim (595 TPs): cover your level from ~30-42. TP cost = Trollshaw but much more worth because it gives a lot more quests, more deeds, and have an instances cluster which people still run at level cap.

    - Angmar (795 TPs) OR Eregion (695): Angmar from level 40-50, Eregion from 43-55. Angmar costs a bit higher bc it has more quests, 1 raid and two 6 man. Angmar also gives more TPs from deeds. It's sound good HOWEVER, it has some cons: Angmar's instance cluster are not scaled so far, mean they're very rarely run. It has many fellowship quests and people usually skip them, so as a solo player, you're not likely ever finish them. On the other hand, Eregion has school/lib, the two 3 man which are farmed at all level from 50 (even 45) to cap.. But I still think Angmar is a better choice, until you have more TP to spend later.

    - Moria (2495): from level 50-60. Bunches of instances, raids, deeds, quests and unlock 2 classes warden and RK... If you don't have enough TP, you can buy quest pack only (1495), without new classes and instances. But remind you that Moria instances give a lot of deeds = lots of TPs

    - Enedwaith and Mirkwood have the same price (695), cover the same level range (60-65). Both have worthy instances clusters (aye the good old days). Ened gives more TPs from deeds. You can choose what you like. Mirkwood has Swordhall, which is a "level farm" instance that can help you cover a couple levels in case you find yourself under a few levels to the next quest pack (from level 65).

    - Isengard (2495) you can buy the quest only pack if you don't have enough TP (1495). From level 65-75. Pretty good instances and raids but they didn't scale them yet so they're rarely run, therefore I think a quest only pack is good enough.

    - Rohan (2495) or the quest only pack (1495). From level 75-85. Mount combat and epic quests are free to everyone. The instances of this expansion is fine, though rarely run, but the raids is meh... not worth. So I think the quest only pack is enough.

    - Helm's Deep: level 85-95. Currently 4295 TPs, but I think by the point you get there, the price will drop to 2945 like previous expansions.

    - Path of the Death is currently the endgame zone, but again, by the point you get there, it can be a "ghost town" already (ha, pun intended). So I won't recommended it now.
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    Just as a side note to the other excellent advice here; the TP you spend on a quest pack does not earn enough TP to buy the next quest pack, while playing only one character. Break even for F2P is between two and three characters, all completing TP rewards, to earn enough TP to eventually afford everything before Moria. The F2P area as you have seen awards about 900 TP if you complete all 3 regions on one toon.

    The next most "profitable" region is Evendim, as well as the one that best bridges new characters in level between region. Evendim can award 260 TP and costs 595 TP when not on sale, so it won't dip into your current TP pool too deeply once it pays itself back with your current character. Your next bridge region after that is Trollshaws, although not well loved by many.

    To make the next big step to Moria economically, your bet is either Mithril Edition from GameStop, which also gives you Trollshaws, Eregion, Moria, and Lothlorien, as well as 2,000 TP to spend, for $20 regular price. Or if you want to focus on expansions, the Quad Pack will get you Moria, Mirkwood, Isengard, and Rohan, for $40 regular price. Mithril Edition is a better option if you want to stay more F2P, and if you're willing to invest in 3 or 4 characters to keep earning the TP to progress. It's also cheaper, but you'll have to grind out TP to afford the pricy Isengard and Rohan.
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