Hey i came back to lotro dusted of my old toon got to new level cap and decided to pvp, i mean well at least that was my intension.

In the space of a week ive encountered maybe 15 creeps and thats just roaming for hours on end looking, is it always like this on imladris i mean other servers have already grinded new level cap gear and pvp seems booming on brandy meneldor gladden riddermark, just seems here is a total desert please give some feedback whether im just playing at the wrong time, although other servers have much action at my time i dont want to transfer but dont think theres much option.

Whilst im here out of the few creeps i have encountered ill name drop a few that stood out

Meldops and maulgrim and two very good wargs
durgwenor is a good weaver ive also encountered malgil and broinac but those two seem to just gank you at an outpost, although its very hard to judge weaver skill at the present with epic dps best cc in moors reflect many self heals pretty much a FOTM class cant wait untill its nerfed(Tiny rant over)

not seen a single defiler reavers i cant say i saw any that impressed, same goes for other classes tbh actually 2 bas that were very good were i think his name was hutti or sumin like that, and parmparm.

Sorry if i have missed any probably havnt seen ya, if any others actually exist lol.

EDIT* and a reaver called durth not that you were great just coz your probably the only one i have seen lol.