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We at Aromellon are welcoming all players who wish to be a part of a Mature, Casual, and Adult Kinship. Focused primarily on PvE content... Housing, Exploring, Fishing, Festivals, Chatting, Music, Helping, Big Battles, Instances, Raids, and Skirmishes, our goal is to see content at an enjoyable pace that works for players who work, have families and are in college.

Some Information on Us:
Does your kinships name have any special history or significance?
Yes! Our Kinship name Aromellon is Sindarin for The Noble Friend. Being a noble friend to everyone in the kinship as well as in Middle Earth is something we strive for. We enjoy and respect the aspects of being a good, honorable, upright, decent people along with keeping the reputation of being kind and helpful.

How long has Aromellon been around?
Faelil, the Kinship Leader formed and founded Aromellon on March 3rd, 2009 on Elendilmir Server.

Where Can we find you now?
You can find us on Crickhollow Server.

What kind of kinship are you?
We are a mixed Kinship that enjoys "The Fluff" IE: (Housing, Fishing, Exploring, Festivals, Kinship Events, Chatting, Playing Music, and just plain ole Socializing) but we also can enjoy doing Skirmishes, Big Battles, Instances, and Raids.

What classes and levels are you looking to recruit?
Our Kinship is currently looking to recruit all levels and classes!
(You can be new to the game or a veteran of the game we want everyone and we are more than willing to help you in anyway we can)

What kind of people is Aromellon currently recruiting?
Our goal is to recruit people who can enjoy helping one another, can be mature, kind, loyal, realize that this is just a game and that Real life can and should come first, and who are just looking for a family here in Middle Earth.

How big is your kinship?
We are currently a small tight knit kinship who is looking to expand due to a server transfer.
(We moved to Crickhollow from another server in May 2014 and just recently got our Kinship House and figured it was now time to start recruiting and making more friends).

What Countries do your members span?
We have members active primarily in the East Coast US and Canada with a couple on the Pacific US Coast. We are are however open to anyone anywhere in the world.

What times and days is the Kinship most active?
Currently, during the week (Monday-Friday) we mostly are found playing during afternoons, evenings, and nights. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) we can be found at all times of the day.

What makes Aromellon unique?
The way we play. Many kinships require specific class builds when playing, require players to play certain ways, and are very strict on attendance. We are not. We believe the game is meant to be fun, and players have the most playing how they want to. As a kinship we are one big family and try to help one another when we can be it by answering questions on quests, books, or class builds. We encourage our members to be unique, experiment with play styles as well as ask questions on anything they might need help with or like opinions with.

If people are interested in joining your Kinship, who should they contact?

Kinship Leader:
Faelil (Faelilly, Faegwen)

Ararax (Harlbarad, Wictred, Waltes)
Ariko (Balefyre, Ariello)

(You can also PM me through the forums, join our Kinship forum on our website, or send a how to join kinship application through our website.)

More Information:
We do have a voice / text chat server on Raidcall
(Have had it for 4 years now)

You can find more about us at:

If you have any un-answered questions, please leave a reply. Thank you for taking the time to read about us and we hope to see you in game soon! =D Happy Huntings