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    Aug 2010

    Congratulations Tyrant Lonelyboy!

    Fantastic! Congratulations my friend; a stellar Defiler!
    You certainly put in the hard work, effort and playtime to deserve to be Brandywine's first born and raised R15 Defiler.
    Enjoy the new skin, and your potent wit and snappy remarks never fail to make me chuckle.

    Yours truly,

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    Cohorts of the Red Legion
    Vae Victis - Woe to the vanquished.
    Timidi mater non flet.

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    Holy cow! Congratulations Lonely! Enjoy R15! Very much deserved. I'll break the bad news to Ivy gently.

    To commemorate this achievement, the Black Keys have gone back in time and written you this song, accompanied by a most excellent music video:

    [B][COLOR="#66cc33"]High Chieftain Orkchops[/COLOR][/B]

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    Way to go, Lonelyboy. Awesome! Maybe now they'll raise the maximum rank to 20? Heheheheee......

    -Segmented, R8 spider

    -Grizanni, R10 warg
    -Kanadierin, R6 WL
    -Isanna, R6 Minstrel

    ^Need to get me one of them fancy signature stamps. :P

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    Big grats Lonelyboy.

    I can't keep count of all my assassination attempts on Ruinous, doomed to fail completely because of your timely map-ins, and the subsequent mad chases

    Fun times though
    R10 LM - R10 Burg - R7 Hunter - R11 Warg - R11 Defiler - R8 BA

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    Melbourne, Australia
    congrats lonely, time to pull out the whips and gags in celebration!
    Belolth Hisses with fury as venom drips from his maw, scorching the earth, "come manling, my brood hungers!"

    Broodlord of Ungoliant's Hatchlings, Devourer of souls.

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    Grats on the big 15 Lonely
    "To live life would be an adventure. But to die, would be an even greater one." ~ Hook

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    Lonelyboy.. Born in zerg ball of the best Freeps BW has ever seen. Had to learn to play hard, run fast or just die. We got the dying part down pretty good, Hell I don't remember being alive much my first 7-8 ranks lol. Ty for all the fun over the years. From the Lonelyboy Dof salamanders and Gta cow flanks to the solo flanks thru Yelk raids (that never rly worked out haha).. Ty for keeping me alive long enough to shoot a face or two and for mapping in to save my A$$ or dying next to me trying lol. It has been a blast!

    Gratz babe!
    ~~Ruinous of Brandywine~Lilsticky of Crickhollow~Ring of Death Officer~~

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    Congrats Lonelyboy!

    You're damn near impossible to kill sometimes and you've always been a great creepside healer, Pre and Post HD U13.

    This freep salutes you.

    I don't know how many times I've uttered..."####.. Lonelyboy showed up"

    I'd rather dance with my mini next to you on GV rock during a GV camp than DPS you.. much more productive.
    Borgorid of Arkenstone
    r11 - Champ , r8 - Mini,

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    Grats Lonely, been fun over the last few years

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    Gratzzz! Thanks for the fights

    Original Challenger of the Abyss
    Alliance of the First Age ~ Crickhollow

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    Grats, always nice running into you and your peeps when I'm with the Elektrik groups. Solo however I couldn't QQ more.

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    amzing Llonely ! when i saw u in ev.i m r3,you already r6,you still heal me and rez me .At first emotion that is hard to forget.so ,i still have 6-8American friends/

    You are the person that can be trusted, Sexy voice lol/ After departing from the battlefield, I would also like to focus on here.because ,i can see some news about my

    frends .cheers Llonely !Bless you and your family!i will miss bad Family in china.

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    J i Mo De Guai Ren = lonelyboy [/SIZE]

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    Gratz on Rank 15 Lonelyboy! Well deserved as you always been hard to kill, saved whole craid-lives and been solo or duo alot, even to superior numbers of enemies.

    I salute you and Miss Ruinous for the good work you doing out there!

    Server Brandywine: Blackarrow Rank 13 - Whitetitan Frontschwein Defiler Rank 10 - Auftragsheiler Notwhitetitan Warleader Rank 8 - Thoggar Evilcalzone
    Server Morthond: Blackarrow Rank 12 - Blacktitan Castrocalzone Warleader Rank 11 - Thoggar Evilcalzone Reaver Rank 10 - Gotharg Piratencalzone Stalker Rank 9 - Garthog

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    Gratz bro!!!

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    So good to see you active again, and huge grats in 15. I know pre HD you were bored stiff at R13....just spending the hours and days on grams rock tossing a random heal to greenies turning in slug mash. Glad your class appeals to you, and you stuck thru the tough times on defiler. Cheers
    Jawbreakerz(R10), OptimusKrime(R11), Bromanceswithwargs(R10), Pentacle(R12), AllOveryourFace(R9), Throatrip(R10), Charlottesweb(R9)-DI,Atrocity,Intol
    Thunderbow(R9), Triplexxx(R10), Airlyn(R11), Creepingdeath(R8), AllOverYourChin(R12), Valerial(R9)

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    Toronto, Ontario
    Congratulations Lonely, you're a stellar healer and it seems like you continue to have fun everyday.

    I HATE your map in saves on my targets when I'm freeping, and I LOVE your heals when I'm creepside. I hate and love you :P
    Third Marshal Rubicon Guardian ~ Third Marshal Raae Minstrel
    Commander Danceswithwargs Reaver ~ Taskmaster Whiskeytangofoxtrot Spider
    Commander Verkaufsschlacker Lore-master ~ Lieutenant Rivaalan Hunter
    ~ No Mercy ~

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    Congratulations Lonely!

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    Aug 2010
    The United State of Texas
    Grats Lonely! You are the funniest and most ornery guy I know. I will be sure all of the tribies bring the correct currency (blue crayons) when they visit your Tyranny at Trapanor's special auditorium.
    Nazvukat, R15 BA, Creep Raid and (Second) Leader of Cohorts of the Red Legion

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    May 2012
    Grats you are a cool defiler
    Rank 15 Blackarrow HinderSpam
    55,000 Killing Blows and Counting

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    eyes on Rruinous ? i think you will been r14?

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    Grats!!! <3 Man such a long time coming, always one of my favorites no matter what side i was on. <3 You deserve it, enjoy that brand good sir.
    Some Hunter Named Tulon
    Some Warg Named Drooid
    Some WarLeader Named WhatsThisButtonDo



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