Does someone know how these stats are exactely calculated?
I did some testing in the moors (freep hitting creep with auto-attacks and vice versa) but I was not able to draw clear conclusions from my results. I used the CombatAnalysis plugin to generate data.

Some (made up) examples:

1) I have 23% block, 22% parry and 10% evade -> Does that mean I have an overall avoidance of 23+22+10 = 55% if the enemy has 0 Finesse? (simple addition: b+p+e)
2) Does it mean that I have 23% block -> 77% left. 0.23block+(0.77*0.22parry) = 39.9% block or parry -> 60.1% left. 0.399block or parry+(0.601*0.1evade) = 45.9% total avoidance if my enemy has 0 Finesse?
- I think example No. 2 is correct but I can't say for sure.

Now let's calculate Finesse: my enemy has 20% Finesse.
1) Does that mean TotalAvoidance = BPE - Finesse -> TotalAvoidance = 45,9% - 20% = 25,9%? (simple substraction: bpe-finesse) ?
2) Does it mean that TotalAvoidance = BPE - (BPE * 20%) -> 36,7% ?
- Testing Finesse vs. BPE showed quite clear that Finesse has an huge impact on Avoidance which leads to my assumption that No 1 is correct but I'm not totally sure though.

Testing Finesse vs. Resistance was very confusing for me. I had a Lore-Master spamming "Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire" on my Reaver for quite some time.
While it was quite clear that a high resistance rating increases my chance to resist as expected, it seems like it makes no difference at all if the LM has 0 or 10k Finesse. Is Finesse vs. Resistance bugged, maybe?

Clarification appreciated
Thx in advance!