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    Creeps? Freeps? Where art thou?

    Where did the endless horde of creeps that were camping GV during U13 go? Was there a mass rapture to another server? Or was there something in the notes regarding U14 & U14.1 that creeps imagined gimped them into oblivion and beyond enough to quit the game altogether? Or is it something less sinister afoot: everyone away on holiday, enjoying the last gasps of the summer months?

    The weekend before the update hit, the server was hopping mad with non-stop action, now - crickets.

    And to the fragile and weak-kneed freeps who sat it out on the sideline during U13: jump back in, the water's fine.

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    Honestly heals my man ... and this is why I haven't come back yet... lotro is dead.... try arche age...

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    I was on today at about 4-5 est, and there were a max of 4 people online in my tribe, In Breeds, which is usually a 10+ people everyday, even at that time. The only freeps out were the high ranks and Abysm. I feel all the creeps are grinding for gear. It got to the point where it was just Eth. Taz, Abysm, and 2 others farming Zaugbar and myself. Also my warg feels weaker... did freeps get better mits, or is he nerfed?
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    ?glff Mrkaco: 'what creeps dont want to play now that its not easy mode??'
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    If creeps got nerfed, I will come back.

    As Valde.
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    The immersion is too real.



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