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    Old Forest Investigation and Stillwell

    Hello all, I am not sure if this is the proper place to put this kind of thread, but I need help with figuring out a riddle. I've been developing my characters backstory (part of it will have to do with the Abandoned Cottage in the Old Forest along the Withywindle) and I almost had all the pieces except one loose end: in the quest "Old Forest Investigation" in Rollo Maggot's notes there is mention of a man who lives or lived at the cottage referred to as Stillwell. Who is Stillwell? Because for the life of me I haven't found the slightest clue, it only mentions he didn't seem to particularly care for hobbits. I've googled it but have found nothing new to tell me who he is or was. It's understandable if no one here knows but I thought I'd at least try here and see if anyone knew. Thanks for your time and possible response!

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    When you go to the Abandoned Cottage, you can find a Hobbit there, along with a Man. Given all that's mentioned about the cottage and the Man living there, I figured that the Man with the Hobbit was Stillwell. Might not please everyone, but... the Law of Conservation of Detail and all that, y'know...

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    I'm pretty sure that the half-orc that was dead infront of Rollo is completely unrelated to Stillwell, the bandits had stolen Rollo's notes and the dead guy was the one who stole them. Or something along those lines. Its possible that the guy is Stillwell, but it's hard to believe considering they used a flipping half-orc model for the guy. >,< I don't know that was my observation on close inspection of the corpse.



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