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    Question Your way to earn money?


    As I'm Level 100 now and I'm having massive problems with money I wanted to ask you whats your way to get some money when you need it. Skirmishes and then buy something that you can sell? Crafting - and if yes, what?
    I'm curios for some answers!

    - Legond

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    What sort of money problems are you having?

    Not enough to live or not enough to buy first age symbols on a daily basis?

    The reason I ask is that I'd be considered poor by some for not having hit the in game gold limit but I'm level 100, support my complete set of crafting alts, don't play the AH, don't craft for profit (I don't see how it's possible), and don't do anything specific to make money, just normal landscape quests and I comfortably have 500G and it just keeps gradually increasing.

    So I can't buy FA and must have essences whatever they might be, but money is not a problem for me and I can't see how it can be for any lvl 100.

    PS I've played since the early days so I consider anything over 4g wealthy
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    Just get and sell whatever's new. Right now that's FA symbols, DA daily tokens, essences, bind on equip stuff that you can buy for those tokens, lvl 100 teal gear from instances and TC farms. Other times it can be pets (like shrews some time ago) or whatever.

    Whenever something is new, especially if there's a new level cap, it's raining gold in the first few weeks. You just have to stretch your arm and grab it. That's the easiest time to get gold. Right now it's been about 3-4 weeks since the update, so it's slowing down, prices have dropped, but you can still make good amounts.

    When the 100 cap was new, lots of simple lvl 100 teal gear from Sambrog and other instances went for a couple hundreds gold on my server. Now most of it is down to 5-20g, but there are still items that are expensive.

    Do DA dailies, join TC farms for essences and gear, join OD farms for first age symbols.

    While doing OD and other instances you will get marks too, and yes, selling skirmish camp stuff is a nice side 'business'. I haven't sold any skirmish stuff after U14, so I can't say what skirmish stuff sells and what doesn't sell right now. But in the past I used to sell small reputation tokens (the ones that enhance all reputations), highest tier compendiums, profession symbols (Celebrimbor and such), scrolls of empowerment and delving. I suspect that rep tokens should sell pretty well right now because people are leveling DA reputations. Profession stuff is probably the worst thing to sell right now. But you'll have to check prices on your server and see what's best for yourself.

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    Selling the new stuff is the best way to go. My coffers are filled to the brim to the tune of almost 100k....that's right I didn't typo. I started in Rohan selling the sunbrands and other items for the jewelry and first age symbols. When I got a healthy amount of gold and the market dropped for those items then I started buying up entire sections of the ah and reposting them for just a bit more gold than the current list. I still cruise every section and if I see someone listing something much cheaper than the going rate then I buy it up and relist it. Once you have the capital you can afford to let things sit and sell.

    Be nice to people. Help out where you can. If I am not running in raid then I go and help toons out all over the place. It helps them and in return I rarely pay for any consumables. People usually are so grateful for the help you gave when they were younger toons they will get ya what you need and never take payment for it.

    Lastly TRADE! Someone has something you want then by all means offer things up to trade across for it. Right now emp scrolls are a hot item and if you have the marks then you can most likely trade 4-5 emp scrolls for a first age symbol and you can flip it for 1-1400 gold. There are so many different levels of play that someone somewhere needs what you have. I love trading, gold means nothing anymore because it just comes so easy that trading is a better system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by idontcare789 View Post
    I started buying up entire sections of the ah and reposting them for just a bit more gold...

    Be nice to people. Help out where you can...
    Does not compute.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverangel View Post
    Does not compute.
    It does, if you read carefully why help people - to get free items from them.

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    On lvl100 1 mob gives over 100s i think? How can you have a problem with earning money? Just sell all the loot you get and you have more gold then you need. I'm lvl48 on my LM now and got over 500g from selling loot to NPC's and AH.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinli_Epic_Guardian View Post
    On lvl100 1 mob gives over 100s i think? How can you have a problem with earning money? Just sell all the loot you get and you have more gold then you need. I'm lvl48 on my LM now and got over 500g from selling loot to NPC's and AH.
    If you buy a couple of things in the AH your 500G is gone.
    And for a lvl capped FA symbol you need almost twice this amount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliahnus View Post
    If you buy a couple of things in the AH your 500G is gone.
    And for a lvl capped FA symbol you need almost twice this amount.
    But you don't need a FA symbol, Level 95 SA legendary items are more than adequate and you get more than enough lvl 95 SA symbols just from doing the quests.

    Similarly you don't need stat tomes or more than tier 5 relics or anything else that goes for so much on the AH
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    Killing mobs while doing dailies and running any kind of group content provides several gold a day. If you have crafting skills you can look to see what might be useful in weapons or gear that you can craft, as well as essences.

    It depends on what you consider broke, and what you need by way of total gold. If it's symbols you want I suggest joining some of the OD farms, skirm runs or doing BBs (even solo/duo can provide platinum rewards with a chance of a symbol). Until you get a FA symbol, second agers work very well and can be obtained from skirmish camps.
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    Best way to get gold is to run as many group contents as possible. FA symbols, crystals, remembrance, stats tomes, teal items, essences, marks/medalions => scrolls... they're all value items that go for hundreds golds on AH.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Once_of_Bree View Post
    But you don't need a FA symbol, Level 95 SA legendary items are more than adequate and you get more than enough lvl 95 SA symbols just from doing the quests.
    If what they say about imbuing is true in future releases, I'll never invest in a non-FA item again... Used to be happy enough with SA, particularly for extra LIs for specialized roles. Can't see that now, especially with the really high cost of the empowerment scrolls...

    Earning "enough" money has gotten harder for those with expensive tastes, not so much to craft as there used to be, and inflation has made money worth rather less. That said, you should be able to pick up many gold a day just killing mobs during questing and selling trash, so how much do you want????

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    your mind
    It takes about three times the amount if IXP to get as many legacy points on a FA than TA. There's no point in having a first age that you'll just replace while leveling up. It's only when you are at cap, that a FA will have more legacy points. (Same is true of a SA, it takes nearly twice as much IXP per legacy point.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverangel View Post
    Does not compute.
    It helps more people to resell AH items.

    If someone lists a bunch of stuff, some will sell (which helps out the seller and the buyer), some won't (which costs the seller).

    If a reseller comes along, the seller is helped out on all items. The reseller is helped out (not by much since their fictional costs are higher). The buyers are helped out in more ways as resellers are more likely to relist items, so the initial buyers are helped out and subsequent buyers find items they are looking for, instead of them being vendor trashed.

    More benefit when three parties are involved than just the original one or two.

    PS: Just running instances, not even touching the AH, coin accrues, several gold a day. Then you don't even need to buy any of that "expensive" stuff, since it's landing in your bags instead of others'.
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    I have sold essences for as much as 100g each. If you are running the DA dailies, spend your bank, warehouse, etc. tokens on essence boxes from the essence quartermaster, open them all, and then sell on the AH. You have a chance to get teal essences from those boxes, but at least purple. A few essences are really not worth much at all, but some are very valuable. Morale is a hugely valuable essence. I haven't seen a single one posted on the Landroval AH for less than 50g, and most were a lot more expensive, and YES people do buy them for that much.

    Essences can also be ground in the fellowship version of Shadow in Morthond (or whatever its called; go to the Morlad Remembering Pool or whatever that's called [sorry, late night and the memory is fuzzy on names atm]). At the end of the fellowship version you get a box (solo gets nothing) that includes morale potions and typically includes an essence. Get a few friends and go together (some classes can solo it but its a lot faster and more fun in a group). Sometimes you won't get an essence, but sometimes you may even get a teal essence. If you get a group you can easily complete these in 5-10 minutes. The only restriction is that you can't run more than 10 in an hour. I had to stand and wait once because my group was on cooldown. So just farm that instance up and you have a good chance at getting some essences.

    As far as non-essence stuff is related, if you don't need surplus crafting materials or whatever, those often can go for a pretty penny. Go out and grind a few stacks (hides tend to be easiest -- look for a den or field full of animals that drop hides and then farm it to pieces) to sell. Check the AH first to see what craft material would be good. It'd be a waste of time to farm something only to discover it doesn't even sell well. Also, hides may be easiest, but ores tend to sell for the most money.

    Also, when dealing with the AH I calculate how much of X is being sold for Y price, and then go a little lower. For example, if someone is selling 2 essences for 50 gold. I'll sell my 1 essence of the same type for 23 gold. The other person's is 25g each, and I would go 23g because it's a little lower but not too much lower. I ignore the bid prices altogether. Most people (myself included) will have a "I WANT IT NOW" mindset and will be willing to pay extra for a buy it now option. And sometimes things won't sell, but that doesn't necessarily mean they won't sell eventually. Sometimes everyone's listed prices were just a little too high. Drop it a little and try again.

    Going back to farming hides, the nice thing is that when farming hides you are essentially killing THREE birds with one stone. You are farming hides (valuable either on the AH or for your own crafting), you are farming trash loot (max level critters' goop is worth a lot; skins and scales and the such, and it adds up fast, depending on what you are killing), and you are (possibly) working on slayer deeds as well. Farming ore or wood just benefits the first one (AH-value or personal crafting).

    Those are, in my opinion, the three big money makers that are generally easy (though time consuming) to do.

    If you wanted to go for something that is also a big money maker that is perhaps not as easy, it would be to get in on raids or Sammy runs. Not everything that drops will be worth a lot, but some of it may be, and if nothing else you'll be getting marks and medallions to spend on your LIs (always a good thing, considering what a grind it is). And, also if nothing else, you'll get those bounties that are jus vendor trash. Those stack up fast and can get you some gold that way too. And if you go on raids, right now T1 OD is the big ticket, at least as long as 1st agers continue to drop in there. I don't know about anyone else's server, but on Landroval they seem to be selling for around 500+ gold each. Yes, it may take a lot of runs to get them, but some day will be your lucky day. I ended up getting 6 in about... oh, 20-30 runs. I used 2 myself, sold 1 on the AH and gave the other 3 away to my kinmates.

    Something else that benefits your in-game pocket-book is knowing when NOT to spend your earnings. For example, if I need to go crafting, unless I see a huge bargain on the AH (and I do from time to time), I will go out and harvest it myself. I am far more willing to invest my time than I am my money. My RL friends used to call me Miss Moneybags because I saved my money and almost never spent it and I was richer than all of them put together (which, admittedly, wasn't very rich, but still...). This is a principle, however, that works just as well in a game as it does in real life. Learn to recognize where doing the work yourself will be more beneficial than paying someone else for it.
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    I round up hobbits I find using cakes and pies as bait, then after carefully shaving their feet (Dunlendings can't tell the difference between this and the finest Moria goat wool) I sell what's left to the forces of Saruman.

    Sadly, he usually only bid 5 gold per stack :/

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