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    Suggestion: Crafting guilds' recipes reset with Mithril coins.

    Sometime I want to craft low level teal gear for my alts, or friends, but the 1 weeks cooldown on guild symbol is just annoying. The crafting relics too. If I want to change another crafting relics on my LIs, I have to wait for weeks. It'd be great if there is an option to reset crafting guilds' recipes and crafting relics using Mithril coins just like with dailies and tasks. About 10 coins for 3 days recipes and 20g for 1 week recipes maybe?

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    Only if Mithril Coins can only reset the recipes BELOW the level cap.

    For example:

    95, 85, 75, 58, 48, 40, and 30 guild gear should be able to have a reset with Mithril Coins.

    The level 105(Assuming that we will go to 105 eventually and have guild gear), should NOT be able to be reset.

    This would create a Pay 2 Win factor. Imagine if you had 500 mithril coins you bought with TP and reset the best armour in the game to make(Again, making the assumption that the crafted gear is the best, as it was with 95 Fangorn). That would be a "Pay 2 Win" factor and drive some players away.
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