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Thread: Action?

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    So is there really action or no?

    Also people seem to think that a raid is a raid if you simply convert the group into one, no matter how many people you actually have. 5 creeps is NOT a raid.

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    I finally resolved some ISP issues so logged in to check things out. It took forever for freeps to come out but when they did there were fun fights. Numbers still very low, it was half-raid v. half-raid. Sadly that's a blessing for my awful computer since the newer LM effects are not blocked by turning off the graphics switches, so I still die to LM lag even in small fights. But overall a fun night.
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    Was good seeing a familiar name out there. (cool that we've got newer creeples too.) *huggles to Sniz!* We had our wins and losses, but last night definitely had its fun. Running with a mix of strangers and friends. Eventually we called it a night once we couldn't find the creeples, after a full map sweep. And they weren't finding us. (if they were looking.) Better than nothin'. I just wish I'd been on my wargie to nom some of our hunters. It would have been one less ring of Fire... just sayin'.

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    Just remember the most important fact of LoTRO PvP:

    "All the good action is on Dwarrow"
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    I have come back with Kunistar as well. I am levelling her but I still roam the moors with the buff to 100 from time to time



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