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    Favorite Epic Quest Volume?

    Hey guys,
    So I was thinking about this yesterday and was wondering which Epic quest volume was your favorite? They're all so different from each other I found it hard to choose!

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    Oh that's easy, volume I. The Blade That was Broken is favorite questline which runs parallel.
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    I loved so many of the epics but if I had to choose one, it would be Volume 1-Book 15 and seeing Narmeleth finally finding peace.

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    Volume 3 by a wide margin. Volume 1 had some great plot points, but the first 5 books are flat out boring and in terms of quest mechanics and design it was hands down the worst in the entire game. Volume 2 wasn't much better, with the only major highlight for me being Mazog.

    Volume 3 though greatly improved on the mechanics side, while also having many interesting characters and a flowing story that most importantly didn't hang around in any one place too long.

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    I couldn't narrow it down to a particular volume. Each has their own highs and lows over the course of their respective stories.
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    I've thought it through and I think my favorite volume is probably Volume 1. The story had me on the edge of my seat and since it was almost totally unrelated to Fellowship of the Ring stuff, I felt like I was making a big difference fighting evil in places that really needed a hero.

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    Volume III, Book 1, Chapter 6, Farewell to Evendim, is my all time favorite. The quest text is beautiful.

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