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    Level 50ish solo challenge

    I am an overpowered minstrel, solo player. I like being op as it means I can enjoy the aspects of the game I love (story, environment etc) without worrying too much about grouping. However, sometimes I like a little challenge. So yesterday I hit level 50 and was working through my class quests, having to get a badge etc from Carn Dum. My plan was to get there without using instance and then think about getting some friends to go in with me.

    I started off at gath forthnir, thinking it's not that far, easy peasy!

    Um...not so easy. Twice I died and woke up in Mrykworth. Using stealth, patience, tactics and trying to pull mobs individually, I almost made it then fell off a cliff into green water and died lol.

    I didn't make it, so ended up getting what I needed from a skirmish camp, but I wanted to post here for those who are around level 50 ish and want a solo challenge. Get from gath forthnir to the gates of carn dum!
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    I commend you for trying! Most people wouldn't bother so well done! You can get your class quest items from running Urugarth and Carn Dum, quite a good challenge at level with a full fellowship, but thank goodness you can also get them from skirmish camps.

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    It can be done, if i remember correctly, by taking a shortcut through the spider cave and then you drop down about half way up the pain path and just in front of the Gatekeepers gate. Getting past him solo would be another matter though
    Once through the gate you can just run all the way
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    Or you can grab your speediest mount and high tail it East all the way across then just "flop" at the CD gate and make like an orc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhorn_EU View Post
    Or you can grab your speediest mount and high tail it East all the way across then just "flop" at the CD gate and make like an orc
    Lol, I did actually try that with mount speed buffs.....got thrown off my horse and surrounded, didn't even have time to play dead....gave me a good chuckle!
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