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    Organized Daily OD Runs **UPDATED**

    Hey guys! If you've been online recently, you'll know that I've been running OD T1 daily. It's a lot of fun, we have a lot of dedicated players, and there's great loot to be had. I've finally gotten around to deciding upon a few ground rules to help organize things and ensure that everybody has a fair chance at winning their symbols.

    1. OD runs are nightly on weekdays, running from 8:00-10:00 PST. Recruitment begins at 8PM sharp - I won't save any spots if you PM me any earlier.

    2. I will reserve spots for the first six players who sign up in advance - the rest will be filled in through recruitment starting at 7PM. Sign ups for the next week will be posted on Thursday evenings, and the first six names for each night will be posted below. I will hold your spot up until 8:15 at the latest.

    3. General rules of etiquette:
    - Please join the raid only if you are level 97 or above.
    - Come prepared and on time if you've reserved a spot.
    - Please have voice chat enabled - it helps a lot, especially with disease/poison wing.

    I've hammered out a couple of general rules to help dedicated players get their first age symbols, and help others get them. I am implementing a donation/points system - players will now be restricted to winning one symbol per night. If you've won your daily symbol, you will have to either donate any further symbols won that night, or drop to make space for others. Donated symbols will be rolled upon by the players with the highest points. Points will be reset upon acquiring a symbol.

    There are two ways to acquire points:

    1. Dedication.
    Players who attend more than three nights will begin to accumulate points for each night they attend and do not win a symbol.

    2. Helpfulness.
    Players who agree to stay on after they have won their symbol for the night will also receive a point for each night they do so.

    Please leave your feedback regarding this system below - I am more than happy to listen to criticism and adjust the system if it does not seem fair.

    Telemechtar - 3
    Mynorin - 1
    Zergoth - 1
    Orngis - 1
    Creslien - 1
    Psylock - 1
    Nevaranion - 1
    Mornach - 1
    Dreddz - 1
    Ard - 1
    Laerwen - 1
    Certhedhel - 1
    Antinoma - 1
    Lizedhel - 1
    Haeldan - 1
    Muadeeb - 1
    Tomorond - 1
    Tearlag - 1
    Eolwarn - 1

    Hopefully I won't ever have to blacklist anybody, but this is for players who break the rules (i.e. they run off with two symbols in a night, or are obnoxious, or refuse to listen to instructions).

    SIGN UPS (AUG 25 - AUG 29):

    MONDAY: Telemechtar, Orngis, Heleri, Lanzig
    TUESDAY: Tearlag, Certhedhel, Telemechtar, Lanzig
    WEDNESDAY: Certhedhel, Telemechtar, Lanzig, Ephereias
    THURSDAY: Tearlag, Certhedhel, Heleri, Lanzig
    FRIDAY: Tearlag, Certhedhel, Telemechtar, Heleri, Cirionthor, Lanzig. RESERVATIONS FILLED

    NOTE: OD will now begin at 8PM, since it overlaps with the moors raids on Monday and Wednesday, which people might wish to attend.
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    Read and understand the above and accept the rules.

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    Hi guys. Tomorrow (8/29) will be the last night I run OD on a regular basis. I'm getting burned out from rerunning the same instance every night, and some upcoming lifestyle changes might make it difficult for me to raid every night. I will still be organizing raids (both PvP and PvE) and having signups on the forums, so keep an eye out for a new thread with more signups and a variety of different things to run.

    Thank you to everybody who stuck with me the last five to six weeks - if you have any points left over after tomorrow, I'll reimburse you by the end of the week.

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    Apologies guys, but something turned up at work last minute. I won't be able to run OD tonight, but I will run it over the weekend for those of you who signed up. Please leave a message with timezone/available time/character name if you signed up to raid tonight.

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    I'll be on over the weekend (I do have a life, but it's on layaway). Pacific time zone, probably on around 10 am or so each morning till late evening.

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    Compensation has been sent to everybody who had points at the end of this week. You should have received 10g per point - please let me know if I missed anybody.



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