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    U14 and Legacies

    So has anything changed on the Legacies after U14?

    Currently I am using:

    []Telling Mark Damage (Maj)
    []Melee Skills Crit Magnitude (Maj)
    []Pressing Attack Max Targets (Maj)
    []Routing Cry Damage (Min)
    []Blade of Elendil Damage (Min)
    []Legacy of Might (Min)


    []Captain Critical Healing Magnitude (must have)
    []Melee Skills Healing
    []Vocal Skills Healing
    [ ]Sure Strike Damage (optional)

    []Devastating Blow and Pressing Attack Damage
    []Light Skill Damage
    []Bleed Pulses
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    I don't think U14 included any legacy changes.

    I might recommend swapping the Melee Skills Crit Magnitude legacy on your main hand for To Arms Duration. I'm assuming here that you're running LtC, since most of your legacies look damage-oriented. Extending the duration of LtC To Arms! will help your personal DPS at least as much as the crit magnitude legacy, and it'll do *way* more for your group's DPS.
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    I use three different emblems depending on trait tree, but just one weapon. I don't remember my exact setup for the emblems, so here is my weapon.

    To Arms Duration (I don't like swapping for this one)
    Telling Mark
    Melee Crit Magn
    Pressing Attack Max Targets
    Bleed Damage
    Battle States/Defeat Response Duration
    BoE Damage (but I'm thinking of switching to Routing Cry Damage on my next weapon, as I use that skill much more often)

    I swap to a buff stick for Make Haste Duration and Oathbreakers Shame (when in redline)
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    Currently using LIs'

    Weapon :

    6 Majors
    To arms - Boost DPS/Heal/Survivality in raid/solo
    Melee Crit Multiplier - Boost DPS in solo
    Telling mark dmg - Boost DPS in raid/solo
    Cappy Area Heal - Boost Heal in raid
    Oathbreaker's shame - Boost DPS in raid/solo
    Pressing Attack Target - to guarantee defeat effect with PA use

    1 Minor
    Fate - Stat bouns

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    @verdi5: those LIs, delicious :P

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    Has anyone ever build a 1st age captain emblem and have it have a double portion of critical defense as a passive? I have a lvl 95 one that has +720 critical defense without crystals.



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