Hello everyone, Calanne of Starlight here.

I have decided to open up the doors to my kin, Starlight. I wont be actively recruiting in game, just leaving the door open.

At the moment, this kin is made up of me and some alts. It was started purely as a band kin for my non-levelling musical duo, however I have recently found myself levelling Calanne and enjoying playing a minstrel. I have a kinhouse now and thought it might be an idea to open the doors to others.

This kin would be great for you if:

You are a casual solo player/duo.
You are low-mid level.
You enjoy music events.
You are not looking for an end game/grouping experience with a kin, just occasional help and a relaxed social environment.

So basically, a kin for solo players who may want to occasionally group up but mostly just like mature, intelligent and friendly chat while they play. Oh, and who would like the odd party

If you're interested then send me a tell/message in game and we can talk!

Calanne x