Looking to start a low level (less than 15) group for RP and questing together. Goal is we get together once a week and play for around 2 hours, if possible. No playing much with that specific toon outside of the group because we want to try and all level up together and travel through Middle-earth on level (obviously if you miss a few sessions and are behind, soloing to level is OK). This is an RP and you will be expected to be in character most of the time, but we also want to play the game and run fellows and such, maybe even raids down the line. All while in character. Some days might be more questing, others might be more RP, who knows.

The conceit is as follows:

Two brothers stop in at the Prancing Pony after a hard days work and find themselves listening to the peculiar songs of a Dwarven Minstrel. Perhaps the brothers discuss the increasing presence of Brigands around Bree and, inspired by the songs, one of them decides to form a small band and fight off some of Bree's enemies-- soon his sights will turn eastward and he will lead the group closer and closer to Mordor. Somehow they recruit the Minstrel to join them and find an Elf Loremaster in the Inn as well, for reasons of his own, who knows the Dwarf. The Elf decides to accompany them for a time as well. Around this time they also encounter a Burglar and so the initial group is formed. While out and about on our quests (or maybe in the Pony if the opportunity presents itself).

Currently, we still need our lead Man, a Captain. To take on this role, you need to be comfortable in most, if not all the instances in the game because you will be expected to give orders as we go, as befitting a Captain.

We also need a Hunter, who is most likely a Man, but can be an Elf or Dwarf if a reasonable backstory is developed for why they would join a group of Men. They could potentially be known to our existing Elf and Dwarf, but they would still need a reason for wanting to bother with Men, since it was atypical in the Third Age to find mixed companies.

Concerning Hobbits:There will be no Hobbits, generally speaking. the exception to this will be in the form of a player who serves as a basic class that a Hobbit might actually be (something simple like a Hunter, because when would Hobbits ever actually be a Heavy Armour class?) but whose main function is as a crafter-- for example, a Cook in Michel Delving. He may travel with the group in the Shire and Bree, and perhaps up into the North Downs or even to the Forsaken Inn, but no further. Hobbits were not ones to leave the Shire frequently, with only a few notable exceptions. The toon might be visited from time to time, but will not quest with us outside of those regions where Hobbits would be. So maybe if someone wants to RP mostly and not do much questing, they could do something like this.

When the game was initially designed, there were quests and such that were meant to be played as a fellowship and each class was designed to have specific roles in the fellow. I'm trying to recreate that aspect, despite all the classes being OP and most things being super easy now. We want to be able to work together to journey through Middle-earth.

Current "cast":

Captain: OPEN (Man, brother of Deormod, and leader of the group)
Guardian: Deormod
Minstrel: Grifi (Scholar)
Champion: Hentsuil (Armourer)
Loremaster: Thurinran (As an LM, I'll go Historian craft, but focus on Weaponsmith since Mini is Scholar)
Burglar: Fyma (Jeweller)
Hunter: OPEN

Captain is needed more than Hunter, as he is our leader and that way we're set to six-man. The Hunter is extra, but a Hunter is certainly welcome-- especially if you are dying to play a Hobbit

Other classes/characters will be considered as well go and as our story develops. People are encouraged to devise their own backstory as much as possible, but we will devise an overarching theme that ties in with the game's playing objective. At some point, we'll come up with a name and form a kin.

Tentatively, we're planning on playing Monday nights, no earlier than 7pm Pacific Standard Time.

You can reply here or in the original thread (link below) if you have any questions or are interested in joining. You can also contact me in game as Thurinran. (Or as Andirael on the Riddermark server).