Just why are they so weak? My fire spec'd RK can kill a normal mob in western Rohan with just three spells while on foot. Attempting the same on a warsteed takes a lot more spells to perform the same kill. At this point I am spending less and less time mounted, and reserving the steed for times when mobility over fire power matters, like taking on a war band where you want to stay out of melee range. By my reckoning the damage dealing abilities of the war steed should be close to the damage dealing abilities of any class in it's dismounted state, but it's not even close.

Was the warsteed a fad that had only a limited use in Eastemnet? I'm sure this has been beaten to death on the forums, but I haven't seen a thread addressing it.

And finally turbine, please please please fix it so deconstructing bridles gives up bridle relics.