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    Deed stead cosmetics

    In playing this for as long as I have, I have yet to see any comparison war stead cosmetics. I have on most of my toons, The Eriador stead as well as the Elf Ambassador Stead. Neither are which offered as a war stead cosmetic. Now, we all know what kind of work goes into getting the regular horse. It would be nice to have the comparison given as well for all the hard work into gaining the reputation to get the horse. One of my lvl 100 toons just got the rep horse for being kindred with the Pelargir area. I was hoping for a war stead cosmetic from that but no. Instead I got a 62 speed rep horse of which I can't even show off on the map. Let's do this please. The only horses that have comparisons for the war stead are the ones that you BUY in the store or the ones from East Rohan....... :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tosdin View Post
    I have yet to see any comparison war stead cosmetics.
    Any... o.O

    There is a set of cosmetics as quest rewards in each region of the Eastemnet (Wold, Norcrofts, Entwash and Sutcrofts).
    There is a set of cosmetics found as rare drops on the Warbands in the Westemnet.
    There are several cosmetics from each festival.

    So, if you haven't found *any* War-steed cosmetics, it's because you're not looking.

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    You used to be able to get some nice cosmetics from Lootboxes but Turbine stopped doing that for some reason.

    I'm glad I got my Torch-Bearer's cosmetic for my main at that time. I believe I also got a bone-headdress thing for my other character too.
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