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Thread: LI DPS Issues

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    LI DPS Issues

    I don't know why I don't see more threads about this but the last few expansions the DPS on LI weapons has been what I called bugged. Ranking up DPS has always been essential. Upgrading to the new level of weapon has always been essential. I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed it but you could can rank up Induction bow damage twice (3.2% damage boost) and rank up LI bow dps all the way to max and get the equivalent. There is literally no point in ranking up the last 2 high point cost ranks as it is equivalent to eating some standard quality food and it would be quite fine to not really rank it up at all. This isn't just a problem within the LI itself but makes upgrading have no value. I was in no rush to go from my 95 FA to my 100 FA cause I knew it would be just a couple % increase which makes you hit about 10 harder on 10k crits. I am a DPS fanatic and want max DPS but not even my OCD or whatever you want to call it would make me max my LI. Also crystals are the same. 3 Crystals are equivalent to like 1.5% damage. This needs to be looked at. LI's are an important aspect to the game and they are broken.
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    I've noticed that on my Level 100 FA staff (that has 3 crystals), the last tactiical damage rating buff does not increase the damage rating at all. For example, suppose the rating is (at first rank) 10 tactical damage, 11 on second, 12 on third, etc. The upgrade on the fifth rank is 15 tactical damage rating, and the upgrade on the sixth is 15 tactical damage rating as well- spending the LI points on the last upgrade does absolutely nothing.

    I bugged it, hopefully it gets fixed.
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