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    Shards from marks (experiment)

    I made a little experiment the other day, thought I'd share it here.

    Goal: Get as many shards per mark spent as possible.
    Side-goal: Don't spend too much silver in the process.
    Method: Make 3 small tests to compare prices, then make one big test to get better numbers (see below). I post the results, not all the calculations and notes. Note that comma is used as a decimal divider. There are known errors in the numbers below, but they are very small and the author simply wasn't bothered to correct them, the conclusions are all the same anyway. Now skip to the end and read the TL;DR.

    Know that I kept track of all the relics gained, their value, shards gained from crits, leftovers and also total costs.

    A lower mark/shard and lower silver/shard is good, they represent the prices in marks or silver that you must pay for each shard.

    Attempt #1:
    20 packs of T1 relics

    	Mark/Shard	Silver/Shard
    T1	0,3225806452	0,0503225806
    T2	0,2364066194	0,3300236407
    T3	0,1801801802	0,5488288288
    T4	0,1358695652	0,6788043478
    T5	0,0897666068	0,649551167
    T6	0,0802568218	0,9439856373
    Notes: You can see a small increase in mark/shard going from T5 to T6 (which is good), but a huge increase in price (silver).

    Attempt #2
    20 packs of T2 relics

    	Mark/Shard	Silver/Shard
    T1	---	---
    T2	0,4861111111	0,0541666667
    T3	0,2794411178	0,2954248366
    T4	0,214559387	0,46578125
    T5	0,2215189873	0,8007911392
    T6	0,2916666667	1,4814583333
    Notes: The price in marks is a lot higher than that of bartering T1 relics. And Going from T4 to T6 was actually not profitable in any way.

    Attempt #3
    20 packs of T3 relics

    	Mark/Shard	Silver/Shard
    T1	---	---
    T2	---	---
    T3	0,3995006242	0,0389513109
    T4	0,1972265023	0,1955007704
    T5	0,2010681747	0,5109644989
    T6	0,2564102564	1,0458333333
    Notes: Bartering T1 is still looking better. I had a lot of luck going from T3 to T4 with many crits, therefore the results can be misleading. Going from T5 to T6 was not profitable (the price in silver more than doubled).

    Mid-way conclusion: These tests were made to determine an approximate price difference between bartering T1, T2 or T3 relics for marks. T1 has proven superior in the marks/shard category with it's 0,1359 marks per shard gained at the T4 level (VS 0,2146 and 0,1972 respectively), while falling behind in the marks/silver category. Nevertheless, T1 will be used in the larger experiment, where I will not bother going to T6.

    Experiment #4
    1000 packs of T1 relics

    	Mark/Shard	Silver/Shard
    T1	0,3315649867	0,0517241379
    T2	0,2503630264	0,3410945872
    T3	0,175852003	0,5154925615
    T4	0,1128617218	0,5438806374
    T5	0,0951655881	0,7131899505
    Notes: This experiment alone cost 5000 marks and a total of 37 gold and 471 silver. Total shards gained was 52540.
    Going from T4 to T5 was profitable in the marks/shard sense, but the increase in silver/shard was 31%.

    TL;DR: Barter T1 relics, because they are the cheapest, reforge them into T4 if you have a few or T5 if you have many (if luck fails with just a few clicks you may end up losing 30 % of your shard value). If you are rich you may want to consider going into T6, because there is a lot of time saved and the price in marks is not hugely greater - while the price in gold and silver may as much as double.
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    Nice insights, thanks for taking the time to explore and share!

    Reminds me of the previous testing showing getting T1 relics to combine for higher relics had more value than bartering for higher tier relics to start with.

    I'm still a fan of using relics as relics, and crafting daily relics for shards separately--which only works if you log-in/craft regularly.
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    LOL! Today's update lowered the cost to barter relics.

    T1 went from 5 marks/each to 3
    T2 went from 14 to 7
    T3 went from 32 to 17

    So all the above numbers are wrong. But, the conclusions may not be.

    T4 reforged from T1 should now cost 0,06771703308 (old*3/5)
    T4 reforged from T2 should be 0,1072796935 (old/2)
    T4 reforged from T3 should be 0,09861325115 (old/2)

    So the conclusion (barter T1) stands, as long as they didn't mess with the reforge values also.
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