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    Reminders about little things that have been forgotten by some

    There are 3 things that come in mind now that happen ALL the time just because so far instances were facerollable. But now they aren't and we need tactics..... There is no message of the day for the server so ill type it here and hope people see this, and add to it so we can do smoother runs. OC they only apply in T2 thingies coz the rest are still meh.

    1) Use pots. The DoTs that some mobs will apply are deadly for everyone, so be loaded with pots and use them as soon as you have one... Dont ignore them

    2) Do not break CC for the love of god. Its what keeps us alive(along with heals and tank). So whatever AoE bleeds and copy thingies you were using in U13, just forget them

    3) Roots: Root is the most spammable CC available and as such it has a weakness. Rooted targets will hit ANYONE that is in their range. It doesn't matter who has the aggro. So stay clear from rooted targets. And for us rooters, avoid rooting ranged mobs. If we do, is important that we break the root.

    Happy Farming to yas all

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    1 should be a basic rule every one should follow. While I can permit new people to forget potting dots, eyes and other special effects I cannot. Examples for this are the air stuns for the whole group or an instant kill. The more experienced raiders will call eyes often over voice aswell to avoid missing 1.

    The stuns seem to be a problem as well, especially to the newer folks that haven't encountered raids that require lot of cc. While I only used call to the value in the past for stuns that resisted, I have to use it now far more often than I would like to admit for targets that have been broken out of their cc, often due aoe.

    The only good solution for this is that the more experienced raiders voice assist and guide the new peeps till they can do this flawlessly independent
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