Second Breakfast will be hosting the Crickhollow server's first music festival. We'll welcome musicians from all around the game, and we'd love for you to join us.

The festival kicks off at our weekly Bread & Jam session on Friday the 15th at 9pm EDT (server time)/6pm PDT in the Prancing Pony. But don't wait until the festival to check out Bread & Jam--you can come out for music, dancing, light RP and storytelling every week!

The bands start playing on Saturday at noon EDT/18:00 CEST/9am PDT at Michel Delving's Bounder's Statue. On Sunday we'll start things off at our weekly Elevenses at 11am EDT/17:00 CEST in Michel Delving's Bird & Baby Inn. Elevenses has been around since the Crickhollow server's first day, and offers a great opportunity to play with other musicians in an informal setting (Elevenses is held every week at 11pm EDT/8pm PDT, too). At 1pm EDT/19:00 CEST we'll move back to the Bounder's Statue for a few more performances.

We've lined up a number of bands but we'd love to add more. If you're interested please sign up here or on our website at

Solo musicians are welcome to share their own music at Bread & Jam, Elevenses and before & after the day's performances. We may also have a few solo slots open during the festival itself. Post the songs you'd like to play in our music library.

~Crickhollow's Bands 'n' Bards Festival~
August 15th-17th at Michel Delving's Bounder's Statue