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Thread: Fish Recipes

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    Question Fish Recipes

    Since my main character has been fishing for the Dock District in the Dol Amroth dailies, she has acquired many fish that can be used in Cooking Recipes. She has passed the fish onto my character who has the Cooking Craft. I looked at the Cook's Recipe Index on the LOTRO Wiki and it says that some of the recipes can be obtained from Vendors but it doesn't say which Vendors? Does anyone know where I can get the fish recipes? They are available at different tiers.

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    Pretty sure Jewel Underhill sells some tasty fish recipes in Michel Delving.

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    I will check Jewel out. Many of the recipes seem to be for the Master Tier. I hope Jewel has those, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormrider39 View Post
    I will check Jewel out. Many of the recipes seem to be for the Master Tier. I hope Jewel has those, too!
    Check any Expert Cook NPC for the recipes. Jewel Underhill in Michel Delving's Craft-fair, Aesseryn in Three-farrow Crafting Hall (Bree), Déorthryth in Ost Guruth & Aeswë in The Vineyards of Lórien.

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    ya, fishing recipes have hardly been used since lvl 50-60.

    I hope Central Gondor in U15 has fishing food recipes since we're on the ocean.
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    The only fishing recipes you won't find are for flounder, and those are rep gated to Forochel.
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