On the Store Exclusive Steeds web page, it says that new steed bundles are available. I can't actually find these in the store. I had my husband check his account, and he also doesn't see them. I checked a housing alt account that owns no store exclusive horses, and cannot find them there, either. I tried looking in store categories and also searching for "steed" and/or "bundle", to no avail.

Also, when I go to the mount/steed appearances categories, the only thing that has shown up for several months now is the goat. Horses haven't shown up in ages. When I search for "steed" or "mount", they still don't show up. If I visit Laila's market and click on the horse, it does come up in the store. With the recently released Steed of Rivendell, I had to search for "Rivendell" to find it; "steed" didn't pull it up in the list of results. Searching for "steed" brings up war steed attribute improvements, bridle LI upgrades and so forth, but no horses. I shouldn't have to visit Laila's market to buy a horse, especially since there are more horses offered in the store than are standing in the market.

Folks won't buy things if they can't find them or don't know they exist.

Please have a store category that will allow me to see all available mounts in the store that I don't already own.
Please make sure searching for "steed", "mount", or "horse" includes all mounts I don't already own in the search results.

Thank you!