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    Coursera’s LOTRO course starts on Monday, July 14

    Put all your hard-won knowledge of LOTRO to use by taking a FREE online college course about MMO gaming!

    The next session of the Coursera course “Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative” starts on Monday, July 14. The course focuses on how a story like “The Lord of Rings” undergoes changes as it is presented in different media forms, such as book, movie and game. The distinction track of the course requires students to complete in-game assignments in LOTRO.

    The Courserrim kinship here on Landroval will be working closely with the course staff to assist the students in completing the in-game assignments of the course (some assignments, such as the Chicken Run to Rivendell, and certain fellowship instances, are difficult or impossible to successfully complete solo).

    The course runs for 6 weeks. None of the in-game assignments require your character to be above the low 20s in level by the end of the course, so many people who take the course start a new character solely for the purpose of participating in course activity.

    If you are interested in participating, here are some resources that you may find useful!

    https://www.coursera.org/course/onlinegames Official Coursera site for the course. You can go here to sign up for the course. This site will also contain the video lectures, assignments, quizzes, and course forums when the course goes live in a couple days.

    https://www.facebook.com/Coursera.onlinegames Coursera facebook page for the course. This community site features contributions from the course staff and students. This site is maintained by the course staff.

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Onlin...95484307162126 Landroval facebook page for the course. This community site is similar to the above site, but it focuses more on course activity that takes place on the Landroval server. This site is maintained by current players on Landroval who have taken the course in the past.

    http://courserrim.guildlaunch.com/ Courserrim website. This is a Landroval cross-kinship website that discusses activities relating to both the Courserrim kinship and to other kinships to which Coursera students belong to. During the time the course is in session, much activity on the website is devoted to helping students complete the in-game assignments connected with the course. Anyone interested in the course is encouraged to join the website regardless of which kin you are associated with. In the upper-left corner of the home page, there is an “Apply for Website Membership” link that you can use to apply, so that you can get permission to post on the website.

    http://courserrim.guildlaunch.com/fo...676&gid=345552 The coursera chat channel. This is a LOTRO user chat channel which people interested in discussing the course can use to communicate in-game.

    Lastly, if you have any other questions that aren’t covered by the above, you can ask here, or send in-game mail to Briallan on Landroval … who is (mostly) prompt about replying within a day or so. I hope many of you will participate, and I look forward to meeting you as fellow students!

    By the way, did I mention the course was FREE? Well it is!
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    If you can give me a bit more advance notice I will post future offerings like this in the Free Press (the Free Press currently runs on three sites)

    Aldekim (95 Landroval) Aldekim (65 Meneldor), Aldekim (13 Arkenstone),Aldekim (33 Laurelin), Aldekim (11 Nimrodel), Aldekim (Crickhollow), Aldekim (Elendilmir)

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    They should all attend LOTRO Conclave III as a class field trip this July 25-27!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dori_bolger View Post
    If you can give me a bit more advance notice I will post future offerings like this in the Free Press (the Free Press currently runs on three sites)

    Thank you, Dori! We will get you information about future sessions in a more timely manner.

    By the way, the course is self-paced, and still in it's first week, so if you missed this announcement earlier, you can still sign up late and complete the course. Also, many assignments can be submitted late with no penalty (here is a link to the course information and grading policy: https://class.coursera.org/onlinegam...ourselogistics). And, some people may be interested in doing only those parts of the course that interest them, and not worry about getting a certificate of completion.

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    We are winding up the first week of the course, but it is still not too late to enroll, as the course is self-paced and you can submit assignments late. As part of the in-game assignments for the course, we will be doing numerous group instances for low-level characters over the next few weeks (Thadur and Retake Weathertop are two of the assignments) as well as providing escorts and company for the full gamut of Chicken Runs (in conjunction with our friends in the Bounders of the Shire kinship).

    So, if you are interested in joining the course, or just participating in (or helping with) these group activities, please check out the links and other resources listed in the first post of this thread!



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