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    I am looking for answers from the community . I have been a subscriber to the game for almost four years now and I feel the voice has never been heard. Putting huge amount of time into the game. Still loving the lore and the game itsself. I feel the issues that we have at hand are not being reconizged by the players and the developers.

    I heard the motto by people all day saying you cant make everyone happy. No one is trying to make any specific person happy but a group of people happy.

    We have the

    From my stand point many people that are left playing the game are either put there time in pvp or the little pve we have. I want to disuss the issues we have with the current system. Looking to improve it for everyone.

    Lets start with the raiders.

    What does it mean to be a raider in a MMO or even lotro in specific. To me it means making friends, challenges, and rewards.
    Lets go back to the Barad Guldur days or even the rift days. The friends I raided with are still my friends today many years back and I look forward to meeting them in game when they do decide to log on. We are such close friends because of why? We overcomed the frustrations of a raid. Completed a common goal in the game. We were reward greatly for it amoungest other players.

    Not only the greatness of downing a raid for glory but the rewards were exclusive to the people who put fourth the time into the game and or raid in specific.

    Now its not the same with the raids or big battles. I know MANY others feel the same that lotro develpoers can BRING back such a system if they wanted.

    I simply suggest making a loot table similar to one that was already estabilshed in the game but only for raids. For example masterloot for raid exclusive items or roll/pass. Not the universal loot system for raids and content. I think its a great idea for causal players questing or even skirmishes . But hard content I beleive only the skilled in the matter should be rewarded for there time and frustrations.

    Let the rewards mean something. Give it meaning . Make it worth the money and time. Make us grind it each week again to get the class items with huge amounts of stats on it. I am all for it and was sad it change.

    Now lets talk about the diffiuclty in content right now.

    I dont mind the classes changes. Yes they made the classes easiser which makes the content easier. I know the develpoers can make a raid to make our new class and our older classes have trouble in a raid. Just need to make it hard. We need that challenge to ensure the fun in the game. Just look at the games activity over the last year. Its not because of life or new games its because we changed something that was so great into something that simply did not work. With the loot system to the no raid system. If you dont beleive me look at the raids that were fully functional and look at the down threads to the erobor down thread. It was a huge difference.

    I know turbine is great with community stuff but why are we so in the dark with this stuff? I just would like to know what the intentions on this matter. Why it happen . I dont think anyone cares if you would flat out say we dont have the money anmore to make the hard raids. We understand .

    Lets talk about pvp. Not about the imbalanced but the lack of customization. I personally spent four years amounst all toons and we all know pvp is time comsuming. The issue I beleive is the lack of customization in gear. Running with the same pvp sets for years is no fun.

    A simple solution that many dont even reconzie. Make audacity a stat only active in PVP which they already have the programming for but instead of gear which I think should still be a option.
    Make an audacity SCROLL that can be place on the gear from pve or crafted gear. I want to hear more feedback on this topic more than anything. I dont care about the overpowerment of creeps or the freeps but I care more about the time played out there with little rewardment. I know many have ideas on this but simple things class specific jewlery obtain at rank 10 with GREAT stats that non pvpers cant get will make them try pvp and spend more MONEY.

    I beleive the game can change again more towards these topics if people listen.. This is what a lot of people look forward to in the game. Friends being the top and rewardment.

    Please leave feedback I will do my best to reply to all comments but lets try to make the change for the better.

    This is a taste of what the community is like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K40RqQ1togM

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